billions in change

Billions in Change Review and Plot Summary

Billions in Change

Billions in Change is a 2015 movie that follows a team of people as they use practical solutions to solve the world’s biggest problems. Here’s our plot summary and review of Billions in Change.

About Billions in Change

Billions in Change calls itself “a film about inventions with a purpose.” Basically, the world is facing some enormous problems, and there’s a lot of talk about how to solve those problems.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of real action about how to solve those problems. As explains, “talk doesn’t reduce pollution, or grow food, or heal the sick.”

With that in mind, Billions in Change follows one man and his team of “do-ers” who set out to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

That “man” is billionaire Manoj Bhargava, the guy behind the 5 Hour Energy drinks found in gas stations around the world. The secretive billionaire is one of the world’s wealthiest men but has always preferred spending his life away from the public eye. With Billions in Change, he aims to share some of his solutions with the world.

Billions in Change Tackles Three Broad Problems

The world is obviously facing a multitude of serious problems. Instead of trying to solve all of these problems in the course of a 43 minute movie, Billions in Change focuses on solving three specific problems:




Throughout the film, we witness the challenges and struggles faced by each of these sectors – as well as some solutions proposed as a way to solve these problems.

So how does the “Indian Elon Musk” plan to solve the world’s most pressing problems? The ideas range from genius to kooky. Here are some of the solutions proposed:

-Free Electric: Power-generating stationary bikes to solve energy crises. These bikes would provide electricity free of cost with no pollution to billions of people around the world.

-The Rain Maker: Using salt water to make fresh water by heating it, and then collecting the condensation. The Rain Maker could be used to solve droughts (California’s summer of 2015 is used as a specific example) while also giving people potable drinking water. Currently, the Rain Maker prototype created by the team is capable of converting 1,000 gallons of dirty water or saltwater into water suitable for drinking and agriculture.

-Renew ECP: This is the most unique invention out of the three core inventions proposed in Billions In Change. The Renew ECP is a medical device that promotes good blood flor. The idea is that good blood flow is one of the key pillars of wellness. ECP stands for External Counter Pulsation.

Some of these technologies rely on futuristic materials like graphene, which has often been proposed as one of the most important materials in the history of the world. Graphene may be able to transfer heat like a superconductor transports electricity. Today, graphene is expensive to make. In the future, that could change.

What is Stage 2 Innovations?

These solutions were developed by engineers at a company called Stage 2 Innovations. Stage 2 Innovations is the name of Bhargava’s laboratory in Farmington Hills, Michigan (the organization also has a presence in Singapore).

Stage 2 Innovations employs about 100 engineers. These engineers are devoted to leveraging the power of “relatively simple technologies that have been around for decades” and turning those technologies into practical solutions that are more “compact, mobile, or efficient”, according to one interview.

Watch the Full Film on YouTube

The full film is available on YouTube for free here:

You can also watch the film at its official website here:

Who Made Billions In Change?

Billions In Change profiles Manoj Bhargava. However, the film was made by a company named Film 45. That production company was launched by Peter Berg, who is best-known for directing the 2013 war movie Lone Survivor as well as the 2004 sports movie Friday Night Lights.

Berg founded Film 45 in partnership with TV and documentary producer Matthew Goldberg, best known for CNN’s The Sixties.

Who Is Manoj Bhargava?

Manoj Bhargava is a 62 year old entrepreneur who was born in India and has lived in Detroit since 1997. He founded 5 Hour Energy and earned billions through the business. Today, his energy shots can be found in gas stations and grocery stores all over the world.

According to reports, Bhargava is worth about $4 billion.

In 2012, Bhargava made public his support of the Giving Pledge – the program created by Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates that sees the world’s wealthiest give away 95% or more of their fortunes to charitable causes.

Ultimately, one of the most interesting parts of the video is that the guy isn’t proposing these inventions in order to make money: he’s already made his billions and he’s not obsessed with getting more money. Instead, his goal is to use his billions for a good cause.

By proposing practical solutions in countries around the world, Manoj Bhargava literally wants to use his “Billions” “In” dollars for “Change”. Get it?


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