BinaTrust is a binary options trade signaling software platform that provides automated investment guidance.

What Is BinaTrust?

BinaTrust was allegedly created by an anonymous group of six hedge fund managers who wanted to create a software platform to help others profit from their wisdom and expertise. There are no indications anywhere as to the identity of these six hedge fund managers.

The registrant for the BinaTrust website is listed as one Daniel Peleg at an address in Tel Aviv, Israel. The address is associated with a company known as DP Knowledge Ltd, with the DP ostensibly standing for Daniel Peleg.

Peleg is also associated as the registered domain owner for a now-defunct website known as Forex Trading For All.

The Product

The product is a binary options trade signals software that claims to have at least a 78 percent accuracy rate.

Users are provided access to the trade signaling software free of charge, but will have to use their own funds to open a trading account with a recommended broker for $250 in order to begin making trades based on the recommendations of the software.

The Opportunity

The opportunity presented by BinaTrust is, simply put, to make money without doing much work.

The software takes the time and effort out of investing in binary options – instead of having to learn the market and watch it closely before predicting where it will go, investors can simply rely on the software's advanced programming to generate predictions based on market conditions.

The BinaTrust program is accurate enough to provide investors with $250 to $4,800 a day in profit, according to the website.


There's a very high likelihood that BinaTrust is a scam, one of many different binary options trading programs that are little more than attempts to funnel funds from unsuspecting, innocent traders into the coffers of unlicensed and unregulated brokers.

There are several reasons why BinaTrust may not be a legitimate binary options trading program, chief among those being the complete anonymity of the supposed six hedge fund managers that created the software.

Not providing a public face for a company is an immediate red flag – even in the event that the founders of the company wanted to remain anonymous, there would be executives, middle-level managers, and customer service and technical support staff present that could have their identities made public instead.

Additionally, the issue of the website's registrant, Daniel Peleg, is suspicious as well. The listed address is a residential complex – not exactly trustworthy.

While there's nothing stopping someone from working from home, it would seem that if Peleg is involved with BinaTrust on a level that he has ownership of the website, wouldn't he be located in a professional office building?

Sadly there is little to no other information available on Peleg, though the Forex website he still has registered in his name is telling – has he tried to sell a trade signals software in the past under a different brand?

There are other problems we've encountered with the BinaTrust site. The testimonials from software users are unverifiable.

Additionally, they may be completely fabricated, as several feature images of “satisfied customers” that have been sourced from stock image sites. This does not bode well for the site's legitimacy, or the legitimacy of its opportunity.

This brings us to the smoking gun: the actual software itself.

Independent review sites have conducted their own investigations, discovering that BinaTrust is not a sophisticated piece of software but instead a re-skinned version of an already available trade signal program that has been used to great effect in scams in the past.

These scams have gone by names like Midnight Money Machine, Auturm Tech, and Wall Street Focus Group, and all feature identical or near-identical pieces of software.

It seems fairly obvious at this point that BinaTrust does not represent a legitimate income opportunity for anyone but the scammers behind this particular operation, whether that is Daniel Peleg or a collection of other still-unknown individuals.

We cannot recommend becoming involved with BinaTrust.

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