biotech breakouts

Biotech Breakouts is a “free” webinar that seeks to educate would-be investors on how to make a mint by investing and trading biotech stocks on the financial markets. However, it’s also a pretty well-camouflaged recruitment funnel for affiliate-driven financial training and education product sales.

What Is Biotech Breakouts?

Biotech Breakouts is presented by Kyle Dennis, a biotech stock expert that is affiliated with RagingBull, a company that provides financial training and education services. RagingBull hosts a number of “gurus” who advertise their own services through the site, usually starting by offering freebies like the Biotech Breakouts webinar or access to an “elite” mailing list, which instead serves as an opt-in method to market higher-priced financial products and services in the future.

On a personal level, Dennis claims to have turned a portfolio of around $15,000 to one valued at more than $3 million over the course of 3 years. The details of how he accomplished this are part of the free webinar, but he’ll be more than willing to provide even more in-depth biotech stock training and education to anyone willing to put money down on the table after the webinar is over.

Biotech Breakouts Product

The Biotech Breakouts webinar provides an overview of Kyle Dennis and his methods for making massive amounts of money trading biotech stocks. The webinar covers the following topics:

  • The three steps needed to win biotech trades
  • Places to look for what Dennis refers to as the “perfect catalyst event”
  • Ways to isolate patterns that have a high probability of being bullish
  • How to make the risk vs. reward calculation work in your favor
  • Personal actions investors can take in order to amplify profits
  • Real-world examples of some of Dennis’ most recent successful trades

Additionally, all who attend the Biotech Breakouts webinar receives a free bonus e-book, written by Dennis, entitled The $2.9 Million Biotech Trader Playbook.

Biotech Breakouts Opportunity

There are a couple of opportunities presented by Biotech Breakouts. First is the knowledge and information presented to you, for free, by the webinar, though it’s fairly obvious that Dennis is using this as a marketing funnel to promote his paid products and services. Second is the RagingBull affiliate program, which allows interested individuals to promote any products or services sold by RagingBull “gurus” like Dennis in exchange for a commission.

The RagingBull affiliate program is long on promises and short on actual data, though we have discovered that affiliates receive a 50% commission on their first sale and then 20% commissions thereafter. Product pricing is around $400 per product, according to RagingBull; there is an affiliate fee but it’s not directly quoted, though examples given on the RagingBull site imply that earning $500 in commissions “pays for your affiliate fee”.

Biotech Breakouts Verdict

We’re a little wary of Biotech Breakouts. You can certainly enjoy the webinar and free eBook, and you can also certainly take away from the webinar and eBook whatever you like in terms of biotech stock trading tips and tricks, but please be aware that the entire setup is to entice new customers to invest heavily in the paid products that Kyle Dennis has on offer.

Please be clear that we’re not necessarily criticizing the approach Dennis is taking; offering free content as a marketing strategy is a sound one. We just want to make sure that you do understand that, in addition to providing valuable content to you, his intention is to also get you interested in the rest of his products and services as well. Transparency is important, especially when you’re dealing with financial service or financial education companies, as this allows prospective customers to make informed decisions about where they place their money.

In this case, it may behoove you to look into RagingBull more closely, look at the type of content they have available, and whether you would be interested in getting involved in such a company either as a customer or as an affiliate.

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