bit kingdom

The Bit Kingdom is a company that offers you financial help as long as you return the favor.

What is Bit Kingdom?

There isn't much information about the Bit Kingdom. The site was launched in 2015 but as to who is behind it is a mystery. The origins of where the site is located are also unknown which should make you question its legitimacy.† It is noteworthy to mention that most of the traffic received is from Vietnam with nearly 50% traffic resonating from there.

Also, the company has no social presence whatsoever. You won't see people sharing or like on Facebook, nor will you see it being re-tweeted. You will find testimonies of people who have claimed to make money with the system. But in reality, they are false statements or from people who need to get people signed up under them to make back their initial investment.

Bit Kingdom states on its website that it offers their program in many different countries. You will see that it has people in the United Kingdom and as far as Vietnam.

The Product

The Bit Kingdom doesn't offer a product. What they sell is an idea that if you give you will get back with interest. The site claims that you can earn 1% back per day or up to 30% back each month.

The Verdict

First off, when you go to the site it requires you to confirm you are not a robot. The main question is why is this even relevant? Once you click the caption button you are then allowed access to the site. From there you are shown a small presentation of how the company works.

The Bit Kingdom works with bitcoin. You are then asked to purchase tokens. Each token is worth $10 US dollars. The idea is that you buy these tokens to share with the community.

However, on the site, it directly states that if you have the funds to help the community, “the community will one day help you.” Notice how it states “ONE DAY”. It doesn't say every day you will get something in return. Say like the 1% interest that it claims you will make. It states that the interaction that takes place is between the giver and the receiver. So just who is the receiver?

Well, the companyís investors. The Bit Kingdom has loads of investors that are placed higher than yourself when you first sign up. When you add money to the community you are basically just giving away the cash. You won't see any returned to you let alone a daily or monthly percentage interests.

What is really astonishing is when you try to dig up anything about the company all you see are the different countries warning you to stay away. You will find reviews from Malaysian, Vietnam, and South East Asia and so on.

If you narrow it down to the common denominator you will notice that all these countries are finically struggling. That is where this company hits. They sell the hope that maybe if you put in your last bit of money into the community someone out there will return it to you with interest. But the only way for that to happen is for you to get other people to buy into the idea so that maybe you can break even.

The Bit Kingdom if you haven't figured out yet is a very high-risk investment. No one really makes any money unless they are at the top. While you may come across testimonials, they are most likely fabricated. The company relies on new investors to keep the game running. At one point or another business will fail and the investors at the top will take the money and run. Which is probably another reason why it is so difficult to find who created the site in the first place? Save yourself the headaches and frustration and steer clear of Bit Kingdom.

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