Bit90x is a cryptocurrency investment scheme – a so-called Bitcoin doubler – that promises 200% ROI over 90 days. The company claims to do this by cryptocurrency trading, though there is no evidence presented to prove its claims.

What Is Bit90x?

There's no information available on the Bit90x website regarding who owns or operates the company. The site itself was registered in April of 2017 under a private domain registration service, further obfuscating ownership information.

The only clue – and a minor one at that – is that nearly 80% of the site's traffic comes from the United States, according to Alexa site info statistics. It's likely that the site is hosted in the US, though this really doesn't narrow down ownership in a substantial way.

As we always say, if a financial website – one that is asking you to entrust it with your money – isn't transparent enough to tell you who they are and where they're located, it's probably a bad idea to work with them.

Bit90x Product

Investors can deposit as little as 0.07 BTC to as much as 30 BTC into the Bit90x investment scheme. After 90 days, the investment matures, and members can then withdraw their doubled Bitcoin. At least in theory.

Bit90x Opportunity

In addition to the bitcoin doubler investment, Bit90x also offers an affiliate earnings opportunity for residual commissions.

Affiliates recruit new investors under them in order to form a binary compensation scheme. Investment activity for both “legs” of the binary structure is tallied up daily, and affiliates then receive a commission based on the leg with the weaker investment activity.

The daily commission an affiliate receives depends on how much he or she initially invested. The compensation rate begins at 5% for investments of 0.07 BTC and grows to as high as 20% for affiliates who invest the maximum of 30 BTC.

Bit90x Verdict

There's no evidence that Bit90x actually engages in Bitcoin trading to provide ROI for its investors. It's much more likely that the company (whoever runs it) is simply taking deposits from new investors and using them to fund the ROI it owes members with maturing investments.

Ask yourself something: if Bit90x can really provide 200% ROI every 90 days through cryptocurrency investments, why would it need to recruit affiliates except to generate revenue? It's almost certainly what's going on here, as it's been done before by countless scam artists that were more interested in separating credulous investors from their money than anything else.

Here's what happens in situations like these: a Bitcoin doubler only pays out until new affiliate investment drops off. At that point, the anonymous admins of the site disappear, taking all the money invested in the system, and are never heard from again.

Anyone expecting to get their BTC investment back is left high and dry as a result, while the scammers who perpetrated the theft just create another fly-by-night website and do it all over again to some other group of naive investors.

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