bitcoin golem

Bitcoin Golem is supposedly a cryptocurrency investment opportunity that offers miraculously high ROI on investor deposits. Bitcoin Golem deals exclusively in the Bitcoin digital currency (BTC).

What Is Bitcoin Golem?

There's no information on the Bitcoin Golem website that indicates who is behind this company.

There is an address listed for a London office and a registration from Companies House, the British business registration service, but investigations into this address reveal it has been used in the past by a company known as Lensen Group LTD, a now-defunct high yield interest program (HYIP) that launched in 2016 and burned out in March of 2017.

Unsurprisingly, Bitcoin Golem was registered in this very same month. Lensen Group's principal, according to official documents, is named Dominic Waters. Meanwhile, Bitcoin Golem's principal is named Dominic Graham.

However, both Waters and Graham use the same personal address in Victoria Dock, a (rather shabby) suburb of London. Something tells us that it's highly unlikely to find anyone named Dominic living at that address if you go and knock on the door.

Honestly we're not even sure if the admins of Bitcoin Golem are living in the UK to begin with. Alexa site rankings show the majority of traffic for the site originates in Japan and Russia – and that there's zero traffic coming from Great Britain.

Bitcoin Golem Product

Individuals interested in becoming investors with Bitcoin Golem have three investment plans to choose from: the Hourly Plan, which provides 1% ROI every hour in perpetuity; the Gold Plan, which offers 12,000% ROI after 8 days; and the VIP Plan, which offers 7000% ROI after 4 days.

Each plan requires a different minimum deposit. Hourly requires 0.01 BTC, Gold requires 0.12 BTC, and VIP requires 10 BTC.

How does Bitcoin Golem accomplish this? Apparently the investors are a team of four incredibly talented cryptocurrency traders that can accomplish the impossible.

Bitcoin Golem Opportunity

In addition to the incredibly high ROI on invested funds, Bitcoin Golem also offers an affiliate recruitment opportunity as well.

Investors can receive commissions on a percentage of the invested funds of affiliates they recruit through a unilevel compensation scheme that stretches five levels deep.

Direct recruits pay a 5% commission rate, second-level affiliates provide 2% in commissions, and levels three through five provide 1% commissions each.

Bitcoin Golem Verdict

Let's take a long, hard look at Bitcoin Golem, shall we?

We don't know who's behind this company. We can infer that whoever's running Bitcoin Golem was also running Lensen Group, thanks to the use of the same address and name.

We don't have any evidence that this investment company actually has the ability to provide the massive, ridiculously high ROI that it promises. A company throwing up some numbers on a website is not the same as verifiable evidence that its business practices work – even if it has any business practices to show.

Finally, it makes absolutely zero sense for an investment company that's able to offer amazing rates of return to not just open its doors to random strangers on the internet but also to actively encourage as many new investors as possible by offering a recruitment commission program.

It's obvious that there's no investment activity going on at Bitcoin Golem. Nobody is capable of providing ROI of between 7000% and 12,000% on such short notice. It's literally impossible.

It's much more likely that Bitcoin Golem is taking funds from new investors and using those funds to pay the ROI on existing investors. This is of course why the company is pushing recruitment so hard – it's the only form of revenue for Bitcoin Golem.

So what happens when recruitment inevitably dries up? Anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together can see that Bitcoin Golem will collapse under its own weight once the amount of money coming in from recruitment is less than the amount of money that needs to go out to investors expecting their ROI.

At this point, the anonymous owners take whatever money is in the system and disappear. Bye bye!

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