Bitcoin Millionaire

Bitcoin Millionaire is a free informational resource site for individuals interested in learning more about cryptocurrency – specifically Bitcoin. The site chronicles the attempts of the owner to invest in Bitcoin to the point where he has achieved the equivalent of $1 million USD.

What Is Bitcoin Millionaire?

Bitcoin Millionaire was registered on September 30th, 2016 through a private domain name registration service. The identity of Bitcoin Millionaire remains anonymous, as the nameless investor behind the website is purposely withholding his name and location.

Bitcoin Millionaire Product

There's no specific product or service that Bitcoin Millionaire offers, as the admin of the site is not interested in selling anything to anyone. Instead, the site offers records of how the owner of the site has begun to invest in Bitcoin and how their investment has grown over the last several months.

As of this writing, Bitcoin Millionaire has amassed approximately 40 BTC, worth around $116,000. The methods Bitcoin Millionaire used to create this wealth are all recorded in blog posts on the website for others to see.

In addition to the blog maintained on Bitcoin Millionaire, the site also has extensive information about how to earn Bitcoin online, different places around the internet that accept Bitcoin as a payment solution, and even interviews with the owners of several sites that make at least $100 a month in Bitcoin. These interviews are surprisingly in-depth, providing clues into how the businesses were founded, the rationale and philosophies behind these sites, and marketing plans for future growth.

Once again, access to the entire site is completely free. There are no pay walls, no subscriptions, and no goods or services being advertised directly for sale. The site also doesn't refer readers to any of the businesses it profiles, and clearly states it doesn't receive any compensation for featuring a business.

Bitcoin Millionaire Opportunity

The opportunity presented by Bitcoin Millionaire is exclusively of the do-it-yourself variety. Readers can follow along with the site admin in their quest to earn $1 million in BTC, they can avail themselves of the resources that Bitcoin Millionaire has collected during this quest, and can read about new cryptocurrency developments on the site's blog.

Other than that, there are no direct money-making opportunities to be had with Bitcoin Millionaire. The site owner does mention affiliate programs as a possible route to monetizing, but he also remarks that they have no immediate plans to implement one for his site at the moment, as he or she is much more interested in growing their Bitcoin balance through traditional investing methods.

Bitcoin Millionaire Verdict

Bitcoin Millionaire is the rare cryptocurrency site that has absolutely zero to do with trying to separate readers from their money. The anonymous admin mentions that he may begin offering companies or individuals the ability to purchase ad space on his site, but that he won't do so until any advertisers go through a strict vetting process to avoid scammers.

In other words, Bitcoin Millionaire is an excellent do-it-yourself cryptocurrency information site that seems to pride itself on being transparent with how its admin is making his or her money. It can be useful for anyone looking to begin earning Bitcoin of their own in order to build a crypto coin nest egg for themselves.

Would it be better if Bitcoin Millionaire was even more transparent about his or her identity? That's possible. But as the site's not trying to sell you anything, it's a minor issue and one that's not terribly relevant. As a result, we feel comfortable recommending a visit to Bitcoin Millionaire if you're looking for raw information and recommendations on how to invest in Bitcoin for yourself.

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