bitcoin revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is an educational product that provides insider information on the bitcoin cryptocurrency (BTC).

What Is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is a product of Bitcoins Millionaire, a site created by Conrad Atherton, a bitcoin investor, entrepreneur, and educator.

Based in Hong Kong, Atherton's primary role seems to be an “evangelist” for the cryptocurrency, providing important information on bitcoin to anyone interested in learning how the digital currency works and how to use it to make money.

Atherton has a strong online presence on the online education website Udemy, offering affordable e-learning courses on bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

He's also provided several in-depth answers to questions about bitcoin on the online question forum in Quora, where he is known as Wayne Atherton.

Additionally, the Bitcoins Millionaire website itself is registered to Wayne Atherton, not Conrad.

It's unclear why he uses two different names across different platforms, but Wayne Atherton and Conrad Atherton are definitely one and the same, judging on not just the subject matter but also judging by the matching profile images used across multiple accounts.

Perhaps ironically, Conrad Atherton lists himself as “Office Manager” for Bitcoins Millionaire on his LinkedIn profile with no other information.

However, “Wayne Atherton” has a fully-fledged LinkedIn profile, leading us to believe that Atherton uses “Conrad” when talking about bitcoin – perhaps as a pen name – and that “Wayne” is the name he uses for more traditional, mainstream occasions.

Bitcoin Revolution Product

Bitcoin Revolution is an e-book, written by Atherton, that provides detailed information on bitcoin over eight separate chapters.

The e-book covers general information about what bitcoin is and how cryptocurrencies work, how to obtain and keep BTC safely, what to do with it, how to invest it and make it grow, and comprehensive resources to be used towards learning more about the world of digital currencies.

The product comes bundled with two bonus e-books as well, Passive Income and The Entrepreneur's Mind Set, both written by Atherton as well.

The entire package is available through ClickBank for just $10 and comes with ClickBank's standard 60-day full refund guarantee.

Bitcoin Revolution Opportunity

The opportunity presented by Atherton and Bitcoin Revolution is to gain knowledge about the world of bitcoin and learn strategies and tactics on how to purchase and invest in BTC as a commodity.

There are no attached MLM or affiliate marketing opportunities with Bitcoin Revolution.

Bitcoin Revolution Verdict

Atherton has an established history of providing education about bitcoin and cryptocurrency, which makes it likely the information contained in Bitcoin Revolution to be useful for anyone interested in learning more about cryptocurrency.

Additionally, as the price Atherton is charging for access to this information is only $10 – and the fact that the purchase is protected by ClickBank's no-questions-asked 60-day refund guarantee, this means there is little to no risk to the consumer for purchasing Atherton's e-book if they're interested in learning more about crypto.

That being said, part of the nature of digital currencies is that their value is constantly in flux.

Bitcoin is certainly the most stable and well-known of these currencies, but even bitcoin's relative value can fluctuate wildly by as much as the equivalent of $200 in US dollars over the course of a week or even a few days.

This makes investing in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency not for the faint of heart. However, it also makes it an exciting and lucrative opportunity.

We can't tell you how sound Atherton's investing advice may be when it comes to playing the bitcoin markets.

However, since he's selling his educational products at just $10, it's obvious that he's not in it for the money – instead he seems to take his chosen role as “bitcoin evangelist” quite seriously and that he believes that the digital currency has the potential to replace fiat currencies like the USD and the Euro.

At the very least, Atherton's product is likely to be an excellent primer in bitcoin and how cryptocurrency works that might be worth checking out.

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