Bitcoin4All describes itself as an “instant member-to-member payments” platform that guarantees you can “earn unlimited Bitcoin for life.” In other words, it's a cash gifting scheme using the Bitcoin digital currency (BTC).

What Is Bitcoin4All?

There is zero information regarding who is behind Bitcoin4All. The site, which was registered in January of 2017, was done so through a private domain registration service. Meanwhile, the site itself has no information on its administrator.

The only clue can be found through the Alexa site ranking data, which indicate that traffic to the site originates mostly from Nigeria, India, and The Netherlands. Which of these countries may be harboring the creators of Bitcoin4All is anyone's guess.

Bitcoin4All Product

As with all cash gifting schemes, Bitcoin4All has no products or services associated with it. The only activity available is to promote the membership opportunity by recruiting affiliates directly.

Bitcoin4All Opportunity

Bitcoin4All uses a unilevel compensation scheme. Joining the program costs a “one time investment” of 0.01 BTC – around $10 USD depending on the exchange rate.

This fee goes up the line; according to Bitcoin4All, it gets distributed 10 different ways – 0.002 BTC goes to admin accounts, while eight other affiliates up the line receive 0.001 BTC each.

Any affiliates you recruit directly pay you part of their upline fee. This fee is received effectively from eight positions down the line, if your chain manages to grow that long.

This is a simple approach to cash gifting that differs from usual ones, which require constant payments up the line to continue to receive ever-larger payments from your own downline.

This means that Bitcoin4All does not have the same opportunity for explosive growth but instead grows more slowly and steadily. It also means that the downline for Bitcoin4All is deeper than your typical cash gifting scam, which uses a matrix that usually doesn't go any deeper than 4 or 5 levels.

Bitcoin4All Verdict

While Bitcoin4All does indeed use a “kinder and gentler” approach to cash gifting by simply requiring a one-time payment, this doesn't change the fact that it's still a cash gifting scheme.

In other words, unless you keep finding recruits willing to pay you for the privilege of being in the program, you're not going to make any money.

Cash gifting scams always collapse under their own weight eventually. This is because recruitment is the engine that brings money into the system, but it's also the engine of that system's destruction.

With every new recruit, there's a payment up the line – but there's also a new affiliate competing for referrals from the remaining pool of prospective recruits.

Eventually, the number of affiliates is too high for the remaining number of prospects to support. Recruitment collapses, payments up the line dry up, and the whole system falls in on itself. All those dreams you had of walking away with fat stacks of digital cash are squashed.

Of course, the lion's share of the money collected by cash gifting scams end up in the hands of the program's admins. Bitcoin4All is no different. First, 20 percent of every payment goes directly to the admins.

Secondly, there's no way of knowing how many top affiliate spots are pre-loaded with dummy accounts made by admins themselves – a common practice for recruitment-based schemes.

In essence, there's no way of knowing exactly how much money the Bitcoin4All admins are walking away with, but it's completely possible that more than half of every payment made goes to them, depending on how many pre-loaded positions they occupy.

Do you know who your sponsor is? What about their sponsor in turn? And so on and so on up the chain to the top rung of the ladder? That one is almost certainly going to be an admin position.

The scheme collapses, the admins make off with the majority of everyone's money, and you're stuck holding the bag – especially if you haven't recruited enough individuals to make up for your initial investment.

Do yourself a favor and leave Bitcoin4All alone. It's not going to work out in your favor.

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