bitcoinaires club

The Bitcoinaires Club is a cash gifting site set to a 2×5 matrix system. The idea is for you to gift Bitcoins to the person who recruited you and in turn, you find people to build your downline so you can get paid as well.

With so many sites it is difficult to know which one to choose from. Many of the sites online will have ‘incentives' for their members. Bitcoinaires Club is no different. The site offers exclusive digital downloads available only to their members. These downloads are tied into the matrix system. The site provides you with information about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

However, you can't just get the downloadable products. You have to sign up and join the system in order to get these free ‘bonuses'.

What Is Bitcoinaires Club?

According to, the site was registered on June 21, 2016. The site is set to private. When you try to find any information about who runs the site, you will come up empty handed.

Even though the site offers an “About Us” page, it simply says that the company was established by a group of like-minded people. You won't find any names linked to the site. Nor will you find any social media accounts promoting the business plan and opportunity. What is interesting though is at the top of the website you will notice a clock. The clock shows the time it is in the country where the website comes from. According to the time on the site, the website is hosted in West Africa (WAT).

Bitcoinaires Club Products

You won't find any retail products listed for sale on Bitcoinaires Club. Granted members are offered downloadable stuff. The stuff though isn't sold to anyone outside the company and comes completely free with the membership plans.

Bitcoinaires Club Opportunity

As stated before, Bitcoinaires Club is a 2×5 matrix system. The idea is for you to gift 0.0023 BTC to your sponsor or upline. Then you need to go out and find two people to be placed directly under you. Once you find two people and are paid 0.0023 from them you can move on to level two. However, in order to move on you have to pay 0.0028 then go out and find 4 new recruits.

The process continues with each of the five levels. Once you reach level five and fill up your matrix you will have recruited 62 people and paid 0.1199 BTC or $411.83.

The site doesn’t offer any bonuses for those who recruit the most. Nor will you find any residual income with this plan. Once you have filled your matrix you can start over and do the whole process again.

Bitcoinaires Club Verdict

Like all gift giving sites, there are red flags that you should be aware of before signing up. One of the major red flags that come up is the way your upline is set up. You may find that your upline and the person you are gifting money to could be one of the admins. Unless you have signed up from someone you know personally it is safe to assume that you are paying the owner of the site to join.

Another red flag is how dependent the site is to get new recruits. Once the recruitment dies down so will the funds coming into the system. It is likely that you may be on the bottom end of the system. So unless you have people who are ready and willing to participate with you, expect to lose money. Recruiting people for sites like Bitcoinaires Club is hard. People don’t want to part with their money.

You should also know that due to the nature of payments, the site doesn’t allow for any refunds. Once you are in, you should know you won’t see any income unless you have your people signed up right away. If for some reason you do want to sign up and join the system, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Do your homework and find people first before handing over your money.

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