BitDonix is a company that allows you to pay for ad credits, but also doubles as a gift giving matrix. In order to get the credits you need to promote your website or product, you have to pay the person who recruited you to the site.

What Is BitDonix?

The site was registered September 2016 to Mr. Tousif Parvez from Abu Dhabi. Mr. Parvez has deep roots in pay to click platforms and has created other sites like the Clix Union and Guru Clix Opportunities. He isn't the only creator of the site, though. Also listed are Mr. OJ Jordon and Lubos Hollan.

Mr. Jordon runs a YouTube channel that promotes several other companies like Game Loot Network, Fort Ad Pays, OneCoin, Coince, and Skinny Body Care.

You will find that Mr. Hollan was connected to Mr. Jordon through the affiliate site “My 24 Hour Income”. What is interesting though is each person is located in a different part of the world. You will find Mr. Jordon resides in the UK; Mr. Hollan is in Slovakia, and Mr. Parvez is in Abu Dhabi. There is no information about how these three individuals got together to create BitDonix, except for Mr. Jordon and Mr. Hollan who were linked through “My 24 Hour Income.”

The Product

BitDonix sells advertising credits that you can use to promote your product or website. You will have to pay through Bitcoin in order to get the credits, but when you sign up, you are automatically invested in the affiliate side of BitDonix.

Once you are an affiliate, you can sell the membership package with the “ad credits” to reel people into the system. The price to join is 0.05 BTC. That also puts you at the top of your 2×8 matrix.

The Opportunity

BitDonix doubles as an affiliate site that allows you to earn money directly from your downline. The site states that you can earn 100% commissions from your downline which suggests that the site is all about gift giving through affiliates.

The way you make money through the site is by recruiting just two people to your downline. Those two people pay you the startup cost of 0.05 BTC and the go off to recruit two more members of their own.

Level 2 allows you to earn as the top tier position 0.08 BTC. Level 3 makes you 0.2 BTC, level 4, 0.6 BTC and so on down to level 8 which will earn you 6 BTC for the 256 affiliates that your downline has recruited.

To get in the game costs 0.05 BTC, but to stay in the game and keep making money you have to pay for your level of involvement. In total, you are looking at 17.43 BTC. Broken down to the United States dollar the total amount you are paying into BitDonix is $11,153.63.

The Verdict

The affiliate program seems a bit too much. Sure, the company uses Bitcoin which throws off the real amount you have to pay to get in the game. That just seems a bit weird. The fact that they don't explain much about their advertising credits is also another strange thing about the site. It seems like BitDonix is all about recruiting more members and not the business side which is a shame.

Some may want to sign up and get the ad credits which shouldn't be a problem if the traffic is decent. If it's not, then you will have lived and learned and move on. The affiliate aspect though is strange. It is all about gift giving. The site states that you earn 100% commission which clearly points to gift giving.

The whole thing seems off. As long as you don't go in with hopes of making money and just use the site for the advertising, you shouldn't have any issues. Just don't get involved in the matrix. The only ones who win are the administrators who are reaping the rewards from all the affiliates beneath them. You may however, want to steer clear of the site altogether.

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