BitLuna is a hybrid advertising revenue share site and MLM affiliate scheme combined with a digital currency mining and distribution platform.

What Is BitLuna?

BitLuna claims to be a company from United Kingdom that offers advertising, revenue sharing, payment processing,  & cryptomining services worldwide. There's no information anywhere that can corroborate these claims, as the company website was registered anonymously.

There are no employee or executive names shared anywhere, neither are there any direct physical addresses.

The Product

There is no actual physical product associated with BitLuna. Joining the site provides access to advertising credits, which are tied to the company's revenue share scheme, as well as the LunaCoin cryptocurrency environment.

LunaCoin, as a digital currency, are currently not worth anything on major cryptocurrency exchanges

The Opportunity

Income opportunities abound with BitLuna. The first, which involves a minimum $10 buy-in of an “ad pack,” promises a ROI of 130% on any funds invested over the initial $10. Funds to pay investments is sourced from the investment activity of newer affiliates.

Referring new affiliates also nets individuals commission-based income. The system runs five levels deep, with fully-invested members earning 10% on level 1 referrals, 3% on level 2 referrals, and 1% each on referral levels 3 through 5.

Meanwhile, mining LunaCoin itself for BitLuna provides the equivalent of “shares” in the company. Miners can sell the LunaCoin they mine to other interested investors.


If this hybrid revenue share / MLM recruitment scheme, complicated by adding a layer of cryptocurrency opportunities atop it, seems overly complex and convoluted to you, this likely plays in BitLuna's favor.

Being seen as a complex system adds some cachet and, somehow, some respectability to the outside observer, but this complexity is in essence a complete and total illusion.

There's truly nothing going on here except some MLM investment funding, which BitLuna has tried to conceal behind a digital currency fig leaf and further camouflage with an “ad pack” investment scheme.

The truth of the matter is that the entire project is built upon the backs of incessant MLM affiliate recruitment, as that's the one and only source of income for the company.

Members can”invest” in ad packs, which provide the opportunity for their own banner ads to appear on the BitLuna website.

This service is ostensibly to drive traffic to an existing, external site already owned by a BitLuna member, and increased traffic to this external site is supposedly beneficial because it will increase conversions to sales – except in actuality that's not how it works.

Instead, in order to gain that 130% ROI from your ad pack investment, you need to spend a certain amount of time every day clicking on the ads placed by other BitLuna members – turning visitation into a chore that has to be done instead of a possible sales opportunity.

Don't want to click these sites every day? Your ROI gets cut in half. However, even with that, payments to investors will eventually peter out if there isn't enough recruitment activity driving income for the business. Recruitment dies off, payments dry up – and the whole thing collapses.

The digital currency portion of BitLuna is just as flawed.

Cryptocurrencies only have value if they're traded on open exchanges. With LunaCoin not available on these exchanges, there's no way to exchange the digital currency for any other one. Until this happens – and it probably won't – LunaCoin has zero worth.

Finally, let's talk about how there's no way to identify just who's running BitLuna.

A company without any discernible identity is a bad choice for anyone to become involved with, as there's nothing stopping this company from taking in massive amounts of cash from prospective investors and then just disappearing overnight.

In other words, there's not even a single redeeming quality of BitLuna.

Featuring an MLM affiliate scheme that will collapse the moment recruitment dries up, a worthless digital currency, and completely anonymous ownership and management, there's no way that BitLuna can be a legitimate earning opportunity.

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