Are you a creative genius in need of music to fill in the background noise of your videos? Maybe you are just looking for something to listen to that you haven't heard before.

BitPay Profits is a site that allows you to download tons of different kinds of music. Plus, the site offers musicians and DJ's a way to earn money by selling their music to others through the platform or through the affiliate program.

What IsĀ BitPayProfits?

According to, the site was registered February 1, 2017, to a Mr. Byron McCorriston from Hawaii. Mr. McCorriston has been online for several years and has had his hand in several different projects. At one point Mr. McCorriston promoted Billion Coin, Easy 1Up, as well as TVC Matrix.

An interesting tidbit is how a man by the name of Johnny Ganoza stated how he was selling BitPay Profits on May 19, 2017. He goes on to explain how he created everything and how the site is ready to go. It is possible that Mr. McCorriston bought the site directly from Mr. Ganoza and has been running it ever since.

While the site doesn't exactly say who runs the show, it is possible to suspect that Mr. McCorriston is the owner, at least for now.

BitPayProfits Product

BitPay Profits doesn't exactly have any retail products or services to sell. Although the site states that it has downloadable music, there really isn't anything there. The only real product that is sold is the membership plan.

BitPayProfits Opportunity

In order to get started with BitPay Profits, affiliates are required to purchase $45 positions in the matrix system. Plus you have to pay a $10 administration fee as well as $10 recruitment commission which boils down to spending $65 just to get started.

The matrix system is set up in a 2×2 five-tier system. Once you have two people placed directly under you, your recruits then need to find two people to be placed on them. The system continues like that until all positions are filled and you have reached phase 5 level 2.

The matrix system is easy to follow but with each level you go, the more money you have to spend in order to stay in the game. The matrix offers Phases and levels. Phase 1, Level 1 is when you recruit two people to be placed directly under you. The cost for this first position is $45 with the opportunity to make $90 from your recruits.

Phase 1, Level 2 is a bit more complicated as you hunt down four people to be placed under you. The cost is $45 to ‘unlock' this second level, but with four people recruited in your downline, you are looking to make $180.

Next is Phase 2, Level 1 which will run you $100 to ‘unlock'. On the first level, you just need two people to sign up. If you get the two recruits you are looking at making $200.

Then there is Phase 2, Level 2 which also runs $100 to ‘unlock' and requires four people to sign up under you. With four people you are looking at making $400. By the time you get to Phase 5 level 2 you are looking at spending $1,000 to unlock and trying to recruit 4 four people.

As you can see the each Phase costs double what was previously needed. When you level up you are also required to pay the fee to unlock that level. It all starts to sound like a video game with the level ups and unlocking different levels to qualify.

BitPayProfits Verdict

There are a lot of red flags that come up when looking at this site. The cost alone is something that should make you wonder about the system. After all, when you start you are looking at spending $65. Then with each new level and phase, you are required to hand over more money.

The second red flag that comes up deals with proper ownership of the site. While there is no doubt that Mr. McCorriston once had his name on the site, there is a big possibility that he no longer owns it. The way these sites pass through hands in scary.

The third red flag deals with the grammar of the site. It is clearly seen sprinkled throughout the site that words are missing from sentences and phrases don't make sense.

Lastly, the site mentions earning money through selling royalty-free music. Nowhere on the site does it show proof of what music it has. The real kicker though is that royalty-free music is free no matter where you get it.

The owner of the soundtrack isn't demanding money from people who want to use it. Since there are no licensing or royalty fees, the music will be free no matter what.

The bottom line of BitPay Profits is that it is a cash gifting site. The new recruit pays their sponsor $10 to sign up. Then pays the administration fees and membership costs to join. Where that money goes is straight up the line.

Now if you are interested in making money with BitPay Profits, you are going to need a downline in place already. You will need people eager to sign up under you so you make money right off the bat. If you don't have this downline in place the chances of you scoring big are slim.

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