BizNet is a cryptocurrency and foreign exchange (Forex) market MLM/affiliate marketing scheme that promises anywhere from 15% to 27% monthly ROI on deposited funds, purportedly accomplished by currency trading efforts on behalf of the company's staff. BizNet investors can also capitalize on an affiliate recruitment scheme to earn commission-based income over and above the ROI offered on deposits.

What Is BizNet?

BizNet as a company is supposedly run by technical director Alexander Chebotarev and managing director Grigory Shemet, with the latter being listed as the owner according to the site's domain registration information. Shemet is located at an address in St. Petersburg, Russia, while Chebotarev's address is given as a location in the Ukraine.

As far as the reputation of the two named individuals, there's no information on them outside of the few registration documents they're mentioned in and the BizNet website itself. This may be the first MLM/affiliate scheme the two have concocted together. The possibility also exists that these are false identities.

BizNet is registered as a corporation in the UK. However, it seems to be located physically in Belize, likely due to the fact that the country has a strong history of acting as a tax haven.

BizNet Product

BizNet's investment products are twofold – a Forex investment plan, which requires a minimum investment of $25 and provides monthly ROI between 20% and 30$, and a three-tier cryptocurrency investment plan. The details of the latter are below:

  • “Standard” Tier: 15% monthly ROI, minimum $25 investment
  • “Ultra” Tier: 21% monthly ROI, minimum $3000 investment
  • “Ultimate” Tier: 27% monthly ROI, minimum $10,000 investment

BizNet Opportunity

BizNet also offers a unilevel compensation scheme to its investors for recruiting new affiliates. This scheme extends ten levels deep, with progression and commission levels tied to investment activity of the entire team as follows:

  • Participant – 7% on level 1, requiring a minimum $100 in downline investment
  • Agent – 7% on level 1, 2% on level 2, requiring a minimum $1000 in downline investment
  • Consultant – 7%, 5%, and 3% on levels 1-3 respectively, $5000 downline investment, personal minimum investment of $250
  • Junior Manager – 7%, 5%, 3%, and 2% through level 4, minimum $25,000 downline and $500 personal investment
  • Manager – as above plus 1.5% on level 5, $100,000 downline investment, $1000 personal investment
  • Top Manager – as above plus 1% on level 6, $500,000 downline investment, $5000 personal investment
  • CEO – as above plus 0.5% on level 7, $1 million downline investment, $10,000 personal investment
  • Silver Affiliate – as above plus 0.5% on level 8, $3 million downline investment, $15,000 personal investment
  • Golden Affiliate – as above plus 0.5% on level 9, $9 million downline investment, $30,000 personal investment
  • Platinum Affiliate – as above plus 0.5% on level 10, $27 million downline investment, $50,000 personal investment

BizNet also offers several bonuses for climbing the ranks, either one-time or quarterly bonuses based on personal, team, and overall company performance.

BizNet Verdict

There's zero verifiable proof that BizNet creates wealth for its members by trading on the cryptocurrency or Forex markets. In fact, there's no proof of any sort of revenue for the company besides whatever it takes in through deposits from would-be investors.

This means that the ROI that BizNet provides investors – and the commissions that it pays out – is likely to be sourced exclusively from member deposits. It's likely why the affiliate membership program is so well-developed and the investment program is not, as recruiting new affiliates is the only way to fund the company.

This also means that once recruitment dies off – as it always does – BizNet will not be able to make good on its promises of a perpetual monthly ROI. Once this happens, the company will stop paying out and then likely disappear.

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