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Bloggers Creed is an online educational course that purportedly teaches individuals how to become successful bloggers by monetizing their blogs through specialized techniques.

What Is Bloggers Creed?

Bloggers Creed is the brainchild of Ansel Gough, a professional blogger with more than 10 years of experience in earning income over the internet.

Gough, in addition to developing the Bloggers Creed program, has also written several books on internet marketing, all of which are available on

The Bloggers Creed website is registered to Gough in name, and has been registered to him since 2010, which roughly coincides with Gough's timeline as a professional blogger. The only discrepancy seems to be address linked to the site registration, as it is tied to an address in Texas.

The site itself is a long-term parking service outside of George Bush International airport.

This is odd because Gough is quite obviously Australian. He speaks with an Australian accent and his promotional video shows him walking into one of a chain of Australia-only bookstores known as Mary Ryan's.

Despite this strange inconsistency, it seems obvious that Gough is who he says he is, though.

Bloggers Creed Product

The Bloggers Creed product is in part a video home study course that provides instructional education into Gough's blogging methods.

In short, Gough's techniques include setting up a “home blog” on a generalized topic and then creating a halo of “harvest blogs” that link back to this home blog; each of these harvest blogs promote a specific product or service for a specific facet of the niche.

In addition to teaching individuals the intricacies of the the home blog and harvest blog matrix, The Bloggers Creed also provides information on how to drive traffic to your blogs, turn them into fans of your content, and then convert them further into paying customers.

In addition, The Bloggers Creed also provides feedback on blogs students build, access to an online community for help and advice, resources, software, and templates to aid in building blogs, and also the option to have your blog featured by The Bloggers Creed directly.

The course retails for $97. Payments are handled through ClickBank, which provides a 60-day money back guarantee on all of its products.

Bloggers Creed Opportunity

The opportunity presented by Blogger's Creed is to monetize an online blog by using a unique method that does not rely driving traffic to sites for advertising revenue.

Bloggers Creed Verdict

Ansel Gough seems to have a relatively positive reputation among professional bloggers. This is helped by the fact that he prides himself on transparency – or at least claims that he does – and goes to great pains to provide a large amount of free content on his site in the form of promotional videos.

These videos explain, in broad strokes, the concepts behind his approach to blogging and the methods he uses.

Gough provides real world examples in these videos, some of which include positive applications of his techniques and some of which attempts that did not work out as well, which substantiates his claims of transparency.

We like Gough's honesty, which just makes it odd that he decided to register his website through the use of a fake address in the United States instead of in his native Australia. Still, this is a very minor quibble – more of an oddity than anything else. It doesn't seem to impugn's Gough's character.

Whether the strategies Gough teaches in The Bloggers Creed are going to result in wild success is of course unknown. However, the price of the course comes in at just under the $100 threshold, placing it at the upper edge of the “affordable” bracket in our opinion.

Additionally, the 60-day money back guarantee granted by ClickBank provides an additional layer of protection to any would-be customers that turn out to be less than enthusiastic about the quality of Gough's instruction.

In the end, this convinces us to provide a qualified recommendation to The Bloggers Creed for anyone interested in trying their hand at blogging.

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