blueprint for financial independence

Blueprint For Independence – or BFI for short – describes itself as a “fast track training program” for designing and implementing your own membership website or subscription program in order to create passive, residual income.

What Is Blueprint For Financial Independence?

BFI claims to be a product of an individual named Graham Frame. Someone by the same name had run a business entitled “Sharing Abundance Worldwide With Passion” in the past, a company that claimed to provide affiliate income opportunities but has since gone defunct, perhaps in no small part due to the several complaints lodged against it by disgruntled former members.

Internet searches have linked Frame with Gold Mailer Club, a “success system” that he and his wife run jointly. Based on this information, Frame is headquartered in Lincolnshire, England.

Blueprint For Financial Independence Product

BFI provides individuals the tools and training to create what Frame calls a “fixed term membership” site. The 12-week training program focuses on topics such as choosing a profitable market, sourcing members, member retention, providing products and services for these members, and the physical creation of a membership site. Coursework is presented in the form of downloadable PDF files.

BFI is available, through ClickBank, for 3 monthly payments of $97. These payments are covered under ClickBank’s 60-day money back guarantee, thus reducing exposed risk for purchasing the 12-week course.

Bonuses for enrolling in the course include four additional eBook guides entitled How To Bring in 1000’s of New Members – Advanced Training, How To Keep Members Paying You For Longer & How To Reactivate Lapsed Members, How To Use Paid Traffic To Bring In Even More Members, and 27 Fixed Term Membership Ideas You Can Profit From Immediately.

Blueprint For Financial Independence Opportunity

The opportunity presented by BFI is straightforward – the ability to learn how to create a fixed term membership site in order to attract members and receive steady residual income from monthly membership fees. Whether or not the methods presented to anyone who purchases the BFI course will be useful in setting up one of these membership sites is another matter entirely.

Blueprint For Financial Independence Verdict

On the surface, BFI seems to make sense – it’s a training and education program that purportedly provides you the tools and knowledge needed to set up a monthly service that in demand.

Of course there’s no irony lost here in that BFI – in and of itself – is a “fixed term membership site” that is doing exactly what it claims to be teaching others how to do.

Is this training and education worth nearly $300 of your money? That’s something you’ll have to decide on your own. We’re slightly skeptical, but we’re skeptical of everything, so that’s nothing new. $300, even separated into just under $100 over the course of three months, is still a good chunk of change for many people, and we’d hate to see someone throw good money away on a system that doesn’t actually work as well as it says it does.

That being said, ClickBank does protect buyers that are interested in test-driving this system. Just remember: you only have 60 days!

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