borderless income system

The Borderless Income System – or BIS for short – bills itself as a “done for you” affiliate earnings opportunity that requires just generating leads and funneling them into sales of high-ticket products in order to reap the rewards of up to $10,000 a month or more in earnings.

However, the truth is that BIS is not what it represents itself as – instead, the BIS page is in itself a recruitment funnel for the notorious affiliate company known as MOBE.

What Is Borderless Income System?

BIS is represented as a product of Ewen Chia, a top-level affiliate earner and internet marketer from Singapore with a history of promising big and promoting mediocre products and services. In true Chia fashion, he talks up his MOBE business without directly referring to the company and implying that it’s his own product, a classic bait-and-switch misrepresentation.

Meanwhile, the true power behind the throne in this case is MOBE, an affiliate marketing company that sells high-ticket digital courses on personal and professional development. MOBE affiliates are encouraged to do two things: recruit heavily (which is what Chia is attempting) and to invest tens of thousands of dollars into MOBE training and “license fees” to unlock the highest commission rates on their products.

Borderless Income System Product

Chia represents MOBE through BIS as a “done for you” affiliate sales system that requires nothing of you except generating leads to funnel into the system, with a team of experts then doing all the work in closing sales and providing you with massive commission bonuses.

While this may be true for high-level MOBE affiliates, in order to reach this level there are exorbitant investment requirements that we’ll go into below.

Borderless Income System Opportunity

MOBE loves referencing how affiliates can earn commissions of anywhere from $3000 to $10,000 on single sales. This is true, but only for those most invested in the company.

In order to reach these rarefied levels of compensation, affiliates need to pay up to and over $30,000 for the rights to market the most lucrative products that MOBE has to offer. Between membership fees and licensing arrangements, the costs are unimaginably high and are only appropriate for those who already have literally tens of thousands of dollars to invest in such a business.

Borderless Income System Verdict

We have a real problem with Ewen Chia representing MOBE as his own business opportunity and not being up-front and honest with his prospective affiliates. Sadly, this kind of behavior isn’t just allowed by MOBE but actively encouraged, which means we’ve seen these types of arrangements proliferating across the internet for quite some time now.

We don’t recommend going through Ewen Chia or any other “stealth affiliate” type funnels being used by other MOBE affiliates right now. We find it disingenuous and dishonest, not to mention extremely lacking in transparency. However, if you do want to involve yourself with MOBE – and you have the funds to do so – you’re more than welcome to, provided you do so on your own terms and not someone else’s.

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