Brainfire Nootropic Review

If you’ve been searching for a nootropic supplement lately, then chances are you’ve probably already stumbled upon a nootropic called Brainfire. This fairly new nootropic is all over the Internet and it promises to “Ignite Your Potential” through cognitive enhancement.

Since Brainfire is new, many people are wondering – does Brainfire really work as well as it says it can? Find out more in our Brainfire review.


What is Brainfire?

Brainfire is an all-natural “cognitive enhancement” supplement, which claims it can unlock some powerful benefits in your brain. Some of these benefits include:

— Enhanced Memory Recall
Improved Reaction Time
— Improved Mood
Improved Focus And Productivity
— Better Overall Brain Health

The manufacturer claims that the formula in this product is 100% natural and it guarantees that Brainfire will improve both your memory and focus within just one week of use.

This all sounds great to us, but how exactly does Brainfire work and what are the ingredients in Brainfire?

How Does Brainfire Work?

Unfortunately, Brainfire doesn’t give us any explanation how exactly it works. All it says is that “Brainfire has been proven to increase memory recall in men and women of just about all ages.”

The manufacturer then goes on to call Brainfire a “one of a kind formula” that:

“was engineered to ensure your brain gets all of the ingredients and vitamins it needs.” This is essentially all the information we have as to how Brainfire “works.”

Ingredients in Brainfire

Brainfire also does not give us any information as to what ingredients are actually in their product. Typically speaking, nootropics contain racetams or other natural herbal extracts that have been shown to provide some form of cognitive enhancement.

Sadly, we cannot tell whether or not Brainfire is legitimate since we don’t have an ingredients list, nor do we have a dosage.

Is Brainfire Safe?

It’s incredibly difficult to tell whether or not Brainfire is safe because we don’t know what the ingredients are. Typically speaking, most nootropics only have minor side effects and do not cause any long-term negative impacts on a user’s health.

However, since we do not know the ingredients in the Brainfire formula, we cannot guarantee that you’ll be safe and side effect free while taking this product. Some users have reported minor side effects like headaches and nausea, but these reactions seem to be rare. However, they do exist.

How to Take Brainfire

The good news is that Brainfire offers clear instructions on how to use their product. Simply:

— Take One Pill Every Morning
— Wait A Few Days For The Ingredients To Go To Work

That’s really all they tell you to do and you can take a pill with or without food, depending on your own discretion.

Buying Brainfire

Brainfire lists three packages to customers on their website. All of their packages come with a money back guarantee if you do not like your experience with Brainfire. The packages are as follows:

— Starter Package: $53.98
— Buy 2/Get 1 Free: $104.97 or $34.99 a bottle
— Buy 3/Get 2 Free: $144.95 or $28.99 a bottle

Is Brainfire Worth Buying?

There are a lot of red flags surrounding Brainfire, mainly because they do not list their ingredients. We feel like any quality nootropic company will list their ingredients, and because of that we recommend you look into other nootropic products.

While it does seem like many users have been successful with Brainfire, there is simply too much we don’t know to recommend Brainfire. If you still decide that you want Brainfire, then you can order directly from the official website of Brainfire.

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