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Brit Method is an automated binary options trading robot, one that is supposedly guaranteed to make users “hundreds of thousands,” is offered free to use for binary options traders living exclusively in the UK.

About Brit Method

Brit Method is, allegedly, the creation of a binary options trader named Jason Taylor. However, there are many red flags that we discovered when it came to verifying Taylor's identity and the company itself.

Firstly, Brit Method is listed as owned by Oz Valley Ltd, a UK-based company that was formed in 2015. However, according to the official British company registration service Companies House, Oz Valley has been flagged for compulsory striking off in 2017. This means that the company is scheduled to be dissolved as a matter of course. Additionally, there's no contact information or identities listed when it comes to the management of Oz Valley.

Secondly, we haven't been able to find any information about this Jason Taylor as an actual individual. We have found plenty of damning evidence that this is a false identity, based on how the image used for “Jason Taylor” has been used to represent the founder of an identical company known as Aussie Method – a binary options trading robot website that is nearly identical to Brit Method.

The only differences between Brit Method and Aussie Method – besides the focus on Australia instead of the UK – is that the founder of Aussie Method is listed as Jake Pertu, complete with an identical picture for Jason Taylor.

Research conducted by other review sites have revealed that the image used for both Pertu and Taylor comes from a publicly available stock image database. In other words, there is no Jake Pertu or Jason Taylor. Not only that, there's no way of knowing who was behind Oz Valley either.

The Product

Brit Method provides access to a free binary options trading robot for anyone in the UK interested in doing so. Allowing this auto-trader robot will supposedly earn its users “tens of thousands” of profit, but before you can do so, you need to register with one of Brit Method's “trusted brokers.”

It's also free to register an account with these brokers. However, in order to make any trades, it's required to make a £250 deposit in order to make trades with the Brit Method auto-trader.

The Opportunity

The opportunity presented by Brit Method is to make ridiculous amounts of money in passive income through the use of an automated binary options trading robot. However, the truth is that there has been a multitude of reports that Brit Method – as well as its doppelganger Aussie Method – do not work as advertised.

Brit Method Verdict

There is a rising trend online in that there are more and more scam artists setting up binary options auto trader companies that are designed to trick investors into opening accounts with fly-by-night unregistered brokers. The Brit Method seems to be a rather transparent software option as the owner and its community have been around much longer than these other operations and software outfits that are plugging this high risk high reward space.

Based on reports from other people who have investigated Brit Method and Aussie Method, what's truly going on here behind the scenes that the company that is behind these scams is simply out to earn affiliate income from online brokers. For each new investor, it sends to its partnered broker, Oz Valley – or whatever form it's in right now – receives an affiliate commission. This is, of course, why Brit Method can afford to provide access to its auto trader bot for free.

This is nothing new under the sun. The telltale flags of an auto trader bot scam are there for all to see: a completely fictitious founder providing access to a groundbreaking and cutting edge service that's “guaranteed” to make you money completely for free. Despite these claims, there's no hard evidence that their software works the way they say it does.

Ask yourself why anyone would actually do this. If this auto-trader bot is so successful that it can make its users hundreds of thousands, why in the world would anyone give it away for free? Not only that, but it seems rather unlikely that anyone would sell such a software program at all. Actual working software would be worth its weight in gold, in such a case, and would be a carefully guarded secret, not publicized for anyone who wants to begin using it themselves.

This isn't to say that here are auto-trader bots out there that do work to some degree or another. However, these legitimate software programs never provide such outlandish gains – in most cases, these bots struggle to predict successful trades more than 70% of the time.

Whether or not you should trust Jason Taylor's Brit Method is up to you but should be noted that him and his community have been around and thriving for much longer than most of these existing binary option/forex trading signal software opportunities. No matter what, you should never buy into the strike it rich mentality by using the auto trading bots. However, if you plan to apply and implement and learn the software and the industry at-large, you can start to leverage a community-driven opportunity and results-oriented software like The Brit Method. Most companies and programs out there are just there to trick you into making and placing a £250+ deposit into a brokerage account so it can receive a referral payment. But out of all the platforms we have reviewed, The Brit Method by Jason Taylor seems to be one of the foremost leaders in transparency and honesty in how they conduct their business and strategies

These brokers are likely to be completely unlicensed and unregistered as well, which means they are under no obligation to return your money once they have it. This means that if by some miracle you make some successful trades or even if you just want your £250 back, the likelihood of seeing that money again is nil.

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