BTChamp is a “peer to peer donation service” that focuses on users donating relatively small amounts of Bitcoin to sponsors in order to become eligible for donations from those they sponsor in turn.

What Is BTChamp?

BTChamp is the creation of Kasa Navakantha Rao, an internet marketer based in India. This is presumably where the site is operated from as well, but this is unverifiable because the website was registered through an anonymous private registration service.

However, Rao is certainly the administrator of the site, as his various social media profiles reflect this fact.

Rao seems to have been involved in MLM operations similar to BTChamp in the past. This appears to be the first program he has administrated personally.

The BTChamp Product

There's no product associated with BTChamp. The only sales activity is for members to market the membership directly in an affiliate system that requires large amounts of recruitment.

The BTChamp Opportunity

BTChamp offers the opportunity to earn, eventually, up to 115.2 Bitcoin (BTC) from donations in a 2×6 matrix.

When a new member of BTChamp is recruited, they need to pay a 0.0005 BTC fee to their direct sponsor. At this point, this makes the new member eligible to recruit two affiliates in turn, each of which pay him or her 0.0005 BTC as a referral fee.

In order to keep earning, a member who has recruited two affiliates and received payments from them must “upgrade” to the next level of the matrix by paying their sponsor once again – this time, 0.0009 BTC.

This makes the member eligible to receive 0.0009 BTC in turn from their direct referrals as well as individuals recruited in turn (4 recruits in total).

This pattern continues, six levels deep, with the amount required to buy into the next level increasing slowly but surely.

The number of payments a member receives doubles with every tier until level seven, where a member pays 1.8 BTC into the system and then receives 1.8 BTC from 64 recruits – resulting in a total take of 115.2 BTC.

BTChamp Verdict

As the world's preeminent digital currency, Bitcoin is one of the most high-valued commodities on the market, with the value of a single BTC rapidly approaching parity with an ounce of gold.

This means receiving even a fraction of a single Bitcoin is a significant amount of money – as long as it remains valued highly.

However, BTChamp is not an efficient way to amass Bitcoin. It's not a “peer to peer donation service” so much as it is a blatant cash gifting scheme that uses BTC instead of a fiat currency like the USD.

Cash gifting schemes, at their very core, are never much good to anyone when it comes to generating revenue.

“Donations” can only continue as long as recruitment levels remain high, and that means the moment that recruitment dies off, the flow of BTC into the system and up the chain screeches to a halt.

The only individuals that will benefit the most from BTChamp are likely to be Rao, who occupies the top of the pyramid, and any pre-loaded positions he or his associates have in order to funnel BTC donations their way.

Everyone else who comes into the company below them is just one step closer to losing their money, especially in the deeper tiers of the matrix when the donation amounts start becoming quite large.

Normally, cash gifting schemes such as BTChamp are fly-by-night companies that do their best to hide where they're located and who's really in charge. This differs, of course, as Rao claims ownership of the site very clearly and unequivocally.

What this indicates is that Rao actually believes that cash gifting schemes can work or that he's so brazen about scamming people out of their money that he doesn't care about his reputation.

Either of those possibilities are major problems. Steer clear of Rao and BTChamp at all costs – you're highly unlikely to get your money's worth in the end.


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