Buffer: A Way to Automate your Social Media

The biggest social media management tool out there is Buffer. It’s designed to help you schedule, create, and conduct analysis across all your social media accounts. This allows you to maximize your communication with your audience and allows you to efficiently contact them. It’s been used by many people and a great assistance for them. It’s straightforward to use and not too complicated to navigate around.

The tool allows you to engage with your audience, drive users, and save lots of hours on your social media accounts. There are 5 plans that they offer.

The first plan is completely free which enables you to have one profile for each account that you have. So you can have Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so on. You get up to ten posts that you can appoint ahead of time – within any given period of time.

The second plan is called the “Awesome plan,” which is at 10 dollars a month. With the Awesome plan you can have 10 accounts and appoint up to 100 posts in any period of time that you like. You also have the ability to connect to 15 RSS feeds per account so that you can obtain lots of content.

The other three plans are just for businesses. The small business plan costs 50 dollars a month, while the medium business plan costs 100 dollars a month. The final plan is the large business plan which costs 250 dollars a month. Each plan has its own unique benefits based on your circumstances. (Bonus Tip: If you are a NGO you can obtain a 50% off discount.)

How does Buffer Work For You?

Just like any other piece of software out the first thing you need to do is begin with the first step. And that’s getting all your social media accounts together and connect to them.

Buffer supports the following popular platforms.

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

After you have these accounts set up the very next step is to set up your schedule for posting. That’s the great thing about Buffer – automation of your content. If you are unsure on what the best times to post your content then that’s okay. (Tip: Lunch hour and after 8 PM is generally a good idea) Buffer has this unique feature of analyzing your content and seeing on which time of the day does it do best.

Buffer will spit out data and give you the best time to post your content. This will maximize your outreach and visibility to your audience.

After you have this done then start writing! Create your post and tell Buffer on which platforms you want it posted on. Buffer will track all the accounts and your schedule to make things more efficient for you. This is great for anyone who needs to manage multiple social media accounts and want it to be done as quickly as possible.

In order to add a post on Buffer all you need to do is click the “what do you want to share” button that can be found on the top of Buffer. You can write your post and publish it on Buffer. Choose the platforms you want it to be published on. You can then decide on what time you want the post to be published or put it on hold. Buffer is flexible.

After you put your post into their system you get to have lots of data available. In order to access this data all you have to do is push the analytics tab.

After this set up you can easily add more content by using a web extension. It’s available for download on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. With the simple press of the Buffer icon you’ll be able to manage your social media accounts on the fly.

For those who are worried about security in our digitized world – then don’t fret. Buffer is ultra-secure given their two step login process. You can decide to enable this if you are more security minded. If you turn this on every time you log in, a security code will be sent to your phone to verify your access to the account.

You can grab content with ease thanks to the browser extension that Buffer has.

RSS Feeds are restricted to only Awesome and Business subscribers which allows you to connect up to 15 feeds per social account. You’ll be able to add a feed by just clicking on it on Buffer.

The business plan allows Buffer to be used by groups of people. You can schedule and manage your content easily among different people with the business plan.

Analyzing the performance of your work is convenient with Buffer. You’ll be notified on which piece of content is doing the best and as well as the worst. This is all measured via the social activity of the posts. Metrics will vary depending on the platform that you are publishing on. Twitter is Retweets, Facebook is likes and shares etc.

You also have the ability to see which post did the best on all of your networks. You can see which one did the best – whether it was images, videos, or a particularly long article. Buffer’s business plan allows you to have access to Google Analytics and combine your data together – to have a more accurate view of how your post is doing.


It looks gorgeous to the human eye. Really user friendly and super easy to use. This is a major plus compared to other tools out there. You’ll grow to love Buffer and resist using anything else. It’s straightforward to use and easy to navigate around. It’s like the Apple of social media management.

It even gives you the ability to publish stuff on Facebook groups. Other tools don’t have this feature. There’s a new feature that Buffer released called Pablo. It helps you find images, design, and use it for your content.


The double edge sword of Buffer is that it’s too simple to use. Therefore, if you need complexity Buffer isn’t right for you.

Unfortunately, Buffer is only limited to publishing content and nothing else. Buffer’s intent for their tool was to publish content only. Perhaps, they will evolve from this but as of right now they have not.

If you are looking for a way to upload a bulk of content in a short period of time – then sad day for you. Buffer doesn’t have that feature. You won’t be able to see new followers which is critical data for some people.

And all your accounts aren’t put together in one window. That could turn off a lot of people who like to see everything in an all in one place. With Buffer you have to check your accounts individually to manage them.

However, Buffer is an excellent for managing lots of social media accounts. You can schedule content fast and easily. Given, how easy it is to use Buffer there’s an extremely short learning curve. This makes it great for beginners. If all you want to do is post stuff and collect/organize content – then this tool is 100% perfect for you.

It’s the number one option for people with content teams that needs to upload a huge amount of content within a short period of time. This allows you to publish your stuff without any work from you. This can be done if you set it up the right way.

If you actually want to trace your fans/followers and so forth, then you’ll require the service of another tool. Buffer is only very good at one thing and that’s publishing content.

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