butterfly class 2016

The Butterfly Class 2016 (Butterfly Class) is an intense, 8-hour course on butterfly trades, a specific binary options trading strategy, designed around limited risk and limited profit.

What Is Butterfly Class 2016?

Butterfly Class 2016 is given by Sheridan Options Mentoring (SOM), a company that specializes in training and educational materials for those interested in trading and investment on the financial markets.

SOM was founded by Dan Sheridan, an industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience in working as a trader. Sheridan has been training traders since 2004, with one of his students being Pete Najarian, one of the hosts of CNBC's Fast Money. 

SOM is based in a professional office park in Illinois.

The Product

SOM's Butterfly Class is a four-week course composed of 8 live webinars, given by Sheridan and his staff, to educate students about the intricacies of a trading strategy known as the butterfly trade.

Designed as a neutral trade with minimized risk and profit, butterfly trades and similar strategies are often considered excellent for low-risk, long-term growth and ideal for individuals who don't want to risk the volatility of the market.

The course goes over the fundamentals of the trading strategy in great detail, often incorporating live trading data to serve as examples.

The price of the class is $397.

The Opportunity

The opportunity presented by Butterfly Class is to learn real, time-tested knowledge of how to conduct a relatively low-risk binary options trading strategy, taught by an industry leader with an excellent reputation.

Using the skills and techniques Butterfly Class teaches could easily open the door for higher success as a binary options trader.


SOM and its founder Dan Sheridan have a very positive reputation in the world of binary options training and education. This makes the Butterfly Class given by SOM an excellent opportunity for anyone who is serious about learning the intricacies of the binary options market.

The price of entry into this seminar is understandably high, and it does represent a significant investment for many individuals who already know a bit about the markets and how they operate.

However, Butterfly Class may not be for individuals who have just become involved in binary options trading, as there's a good, strong need for Butterfly Class students to have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of binary options before learning more advanced techniques.

At the same time, even the best binary options trader simply strikes out from time to time. There's no guarantee that a student plunking down nearly $400 for this course is going to be able to make that money back by using the strategies they're taught.

This is a common risk when it comes to any sort of training or education in the investment markets, but the very nature of butterfly trades tends to lend itself as a low-risk investment in and of itself – or at last as low-risk as you can get in binary options trading.

This does mitigate quite a bit of the risk for nervous investors.

Still, we can't in good conscience recommend this training program to just about anyone. If you're still getting your feet wet when it comes to binary options trading, your best bet is to find a training program that is dedicated to learning the fundamentals first.

Doing so will likely protect any investments you make into the markets, or at least minimize your risk as much as you can.

However, if you are a moderate to experienced trader and you're curious about getting some of the best insight in the industry on butterfly trades, you're unlikely to go very wrong with SOM's Butterfly Class.

Please be aware though that there is a slight chance that some of the information contained within Butterfly Class may be obsolete, as the class was initially recorded in 2016. However, it's clear that there's likely to be a new 2017 class starting soon.

It's certain that this new class will be publicized in much the same way.

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