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Whether you’re a novice golfer or an experienced single digit pro, the bunker can be one of the most difficult locations on the course. We’ve all been there before- you’ve hit the 19th, and it’s time to tally up and settle bets, and suddenly you find yourself counting up a surprising amount of wasted strokes. Shots lefts in bunkers, botched chips from fat or thin swings, chunked simple pitches, or unreasonable amounts of shots inside 50 yards all add up.

Although these problems generally occur to amateurs, they’re just as common for more advanced players. While many players would expect that their game is to blame for poor performance, as in any situation, the tools you use play an important factor. A new wedge that uses cutting edge golfing technology is promising to help both new and old golfers better their game with a revolutionary new design that helps them put the ball on the green every time.

The C3i Wedge is a new type of wedge that conforms to the rules of golf. Promising to help users cure their wasted stroke difficulties, improve their short game instantly, and immediately cut five or more strokes from their total score as soon as their next round of gold, the C3i is shaping up to be one of the most important golf innovations of 2017.

In this article, we’ll check out the C3i Wedge and find out what makes it different from other wedges to help you determine if it’s the right solution to help you improve your golf game.

What is the C3i Wedge?

The C3i Wedge is a new development in golfing technology that is endorsed by Chip Beck, one of the most successful professional golfers in history. Beck has a strong track record on the course, claiming four tournaments, a second place in three majors, and an impressive 6-2-1 record while competing for three different U.S. Ryder Cup teams.

The C3i Wedge is able to help golfers fire their placement right next to the hole from any lie, whether in the rough or in the sand, and dramatically reduce frustration and total stroke count. The unique design of the C3i Wedge will enable users to accurately hit high soft flop shots effortlessly. The C3i takes away the biggest issue experienced by beginner and intermediate golfers- poor performance around the greens.

The biggest cause of poor performance by beginner golfers ultimately lies within 50 yards of the flag. Players of all handicap levels all struggle with their game as the proximity to the flag decreases, resulting in massively increased stroke counts. While most golfers chalk this up to a lack of practice, the different set up required for sand shots and pitches, or blame their swing itself, the solution is, according to Chip Beck, far simpler- the wedges used to make these shots aren’t ideal for the golfer.

The C3i Wedge Difference

Traditional wedges actually possess a lot of design flaws that make the process of hitting bunker shots and the like far more difficult than they should be. Requiring an inordinate amount of practice and familiarity to use correctly, traditional wedges force golfers to widen their stance and clubface just to play simple shots.

Traditional sand wedges possess a sole that is too narrow, and is better suited to experienced pro golfers. The distance between the leading edge and trailing edge of a traditional sand wedge is just one inch, which creates the need to take a very shallow approach to the ball. Most inexperienced or intermediate golfers take too deep of a swing which results in bunker shots left in the sand, or pitches chunked far short of the green- both of which ultimately result in wasted shots.

Traditional sand wedges also lack sufficient loft, offering an average of just 56° of loft. While this amount of loft is suitable when there is sufficient green to work on or no lip, it’s not ideal in situations in which golfers must navigate a lip to make their shot.

Opening the stance and swinging across the target to compensate for the small loft of a traditional wedge shrinks the effective hitting area, making it difficult to find the sweet spot, which also adds to your total stroke count.

The C3i, however, is a far more forgiving solution that has been custom designed from the ground up to offer the easiest to hit wedge on the market. The unique design of the C3i Wedge allows golfers to get out of the bunker in just one swing, creating extreme stroke economy, as well as virtually eliminating fat shots close to the flag.

The C3i is able to clip the ball off cleanly, delivering superior performance in greenside situations such as soft sand, wet bunkers, and unkempt rough. The ergonomic design of the C3i allows users to open the clubface in any situation without snagging, and delivers unparalleled stability throughout the entire hitting area.

Most importantly, the C3i looks like a classic wedge at a glance, but feels like one when in use. An innovative insert placed in the cavity of the club delivers a familiar kinesthetic feedback.

C3i Wedge Design & Construction

The C3i offers an AutoGlide Xtreme Sole that glides across turf, and a hosel shaped specifically to minimize material collecting. The leading edge of the C3i is complete with extra beveling and curvature to enhance turf interaction, while the entire heel portion of the sole is shaved down to provide for the opening of clubface without adding extra bounce.

With a classic teardrop shaped clubhead, a glare reducing black finish, and a white painted bottom groove that makes it easy to line up targets, the C3i Wedge is the most intelligently designed wedge on the planet.

The C3i Wedge Verdict

The C3i Wedge isn’t just the best designed wedge available, it’s also backed up by a large amount of statistical evidence and real-world data. Best of all, the C3i is completely golf legal, and is the best way to increase your game instantly. If you’re looking for the ultimate game-improving wedge, the C3i is the best option available.

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