C4 Classified Ads Review

C4 Classified Ads has devised their own solution that allows people to promote their own business through a variety of marketing products and tools. All of their marketing properties have licenses that allow its members to have unlimited websites and advertising space either directly, or indirectly.


About C4 Classified Ads

C4 Classified Ads website domain was registered in June 2015. David Coxon is registered as the owner of the domain, and his address was listed in Lincolnshire, UK. However, I was unable to find out who actually owns the business.

The Product

C4 Classified offers no services or products. The only thing it's affiliates can do is market membership of C4.

The Opportunity

Their compensation plan is based upon a five-tier matrix cycle. You basically have to recruit ridiculous amounts of members, who then have to do the same thing over and over.

The cost is only $25 annually and the compensation estimates look very enticing according to what level you happen to be on. For instance, on the fifth level, you can earn $299,700 and nine re-entries into the first level. Doesn't that sound great?

The Verdict

C4 Classified Ads is a scam plain and simple. They claim that you can earn over $380,000 at the fifth tier. All you have to do is get a minimum of 15,201 people to sign up at the first level. Sounds simple enough right?

This David Coxon has been involved with several other similar plans since 2012, all of which have since disbanded. The various websites have become unresponsive, suggesting they have collapsed.

The C4 website mentions crowdfunding, but that's it, no additional information about this platform is mentioned anywhere again.

David Coxon and his new venture C4 Classified is straight up bullshit and I would strongly advise you to invest your money elsewhere.

This guy has literally made millions of dollars by coming up with these types of programs trying to lure people into making what seems to be a relatively small investment, letting the monies grow, then simply disappearing.

Then he does it all over again under a different name.

Maybe you believe that you can get over 15 thousand people to join up, if so, kudos to you. I would be willing to wager that you can't though.

I did a minimal amount of research on this company to be honest with you. You know why? Because it was very apparent from the start that C4 Advertising was bogus.

I'm not a mathematician by any means, but even I can tell that the numbers needed to get the projected revenues were ridiculous to say the least.

I have done quite a few MLM reviews and there are some out there that I have found to be truly legitimate. Unfortunately, there are also many like C4 that are not.

Don't just take my word for it though. Take about five minutes of your time and check them out for yourself. I'm pretty sure you will see exactly what I am talking about.

It truly amazes me that after all this time, and the knowledge that has been accumulated regarding these types of schemes, that people still get sucked into them. Don't let yourself become one of them.

I imagine that it will only be a short matter of time before the authorities get wind of C4 and Coxon will be forced to move on.

As a member, you get to advertise for a year, either in the form of banners, or classifieds, but I am very skeptical as to the amount of traffic is actually generated to this site, so what good does that do for your business?

The only one who truly profits from this operation in my opinion is David Coxon.

Do your homework and take the time to research some of the other viable opportunities that are available out there. You will definitely find better alternatives than C4 Advertising.


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