cash finder system

Cash Finder System is an instructional course that purports to teach individuals how to become “professional finders” for the real estate industry, earning commissions of several thousands of dollars in finder's fees every month.

What Is Cash Finder System?

The Cash Finder System website is listed as being owned and operated by Group M Marketing. The accompanying address listed on the website is linked with a mailbox at a UPS Store in Austin, Texas.

The registration for the website backs up this claim, with “Group M Marketing” listed as the name of the registrant's business.

An additional name, one Michael Kimble, is also listed. Kimble is the CEO of Group M Marketing, according to the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB rates Group M with a grade of B, based on complaints made in the past concerning the company's advertising of a product branded similarly to the Cash Finder System.

The promotional video for the site, however, tells a completely different tune. The founder of the Cash Finder System as portrayed on this video is an individual going by the name of Lee Gilmore.

The Product

Cash Finder System purports to teach individuals how to become a real estate finder for realtors looking for homes that fit certain criteria. The product retails for $99, payable directly through the Cash Finder System website.

The Opportunity

There's no affiliate marketing or MLM opportunity to be made from the Cash Finder System.

Instead, the opportunity here is to work the system directly – earn a “finder's fee” checking for every piece of real estate that you find for a realtor, all by simply using the internet or your telephone, which would pay for itself several times over with the first commission check.


There's no doubt that individuals can earn finder's fee payments by working with a realtor or for someone else in the market for a new property.

However, using the Cash Finder System to learn how to become a professional finder is not going to be very helpful. The reason for this is that there is no reason to actually trust anything that Cash Finder System's spokesperson tells you.

There is no Lee Gilmore, despite the video evidence to the contrary. The individual who claims to be Gilmore is in fact a very well known paid actor, going by the name of Mark, from the website Fiverr.

Mark provides voice-over and professional spokesperson video services for anyone willing to pay him to read a script, and he's appeared as a spokesperson – or posing as a company CEO and founder – for countless other marketing schemes across the internet.

It's obvious that, in using a paid actor to portray a completely fictitious individual in an effort to sell their informational guide, Group M Marketing is not interested in being honest with their customers.

This type of deception shows that the company doesn't stand behind the quality of their product and is likely more interested in making a few quick bucks off of credulous individuals looking for a way to make a living from the comfort of their own home.

Not convinced? Don't forget Group M Marketing's BBB rating, based on accusations of misleading marketing and advertising content. We're not the only ones who have taken issue with the company's marketing strategies.

We take a dim view to anyone using paid actors when it comes to representing their company or in portraying testimonials.

A product or service that can stand on its own would be marketed by using the truth – and one that can't / shouldn't be marketed at all, let alone pushed by using deceptive methods like paid actors or fictitious company founders.

If you're looking for information on becoming a professional finder, contact someone you trust or a legitimate source of information such as a real estate agency in your area; don't rely on the (probably overpriced) information contained in the Cash Finder System's likely-worthless instructional materials.

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