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Clever Investor is an online resource for individuals interested in learning more about investing in the real estate markets.

The site provides education and training materials – much of which is free – as well as more in-depth paid subscription services that provide intensive training, often offering one-on-one mentoring with real estate experts.

What Is Clever Investor?

Clever Investor was founded by Cody Sperber, a real estate investor based in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

Sperber got his start in selling wholesale real estate investments through direct mail, branching out to flipping properties and other more advanced strategies, amassing a fortune and founding several companies in the process.

Sperber founded Clever Investor in July of 2010. The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with 100% positive feedback.

On a personal note, Sperber enjoys working for and with charities and non-profit entities.

According to his LinkedIn page, he helped organize a crowdfunding drive for the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012, donating more than $23,000 to the United Way through a GoFundMe campaign.

Clever Investor Product

There are a wide variety of products and services that Clever Investor offers, though they all revolve around real estate investment training and support. Many of these are available completely free of charge and take the place of promotional e-books and free webinars.

There are six main courses that are listed under the Products section on Clever Investor:

  • Fast-Track Profit System: a six-step educational course that will “[put]” you on a direct path to wealth.
  • M5 Marketing Machine: a course designed to provide you with the tools needed to begin online marketing.
  • Direct Mail Dealmaker: a turnkey direct mail system developed by Clever Investor and made available for use by the public.
  • Clever Investor Mentoring: a one-on-one mentoring program with one of Clever Investor's real estate investment specialists.
  • Quick Flips for Big Profits: an in-depth training course for flipping properties, focusing on quick start-up and profit.
  • Your First Million: a real estate investment system that walks individuals from zero in the bank to literally their first million dollars in profit.

Nearly all of these products begin with a free introductory webinar, which may then lead to an upsell further down the road.

Few products are out-and-out purchasable, except for the Direct Mail Dealmaker, though we have found it difficult to ascertain exactly what the price points for these products and services are, due to the limitations on the Clever Investor website.

Other review sites have said that there are points where Clever Investor will attempt to sell you on a mentor-ship program or a monthly subscription, in which one instance the price was around $97. The company does provide a 30-day money back guarantee on many of these programs, though.

Other than that, the site does contain completely free content in the form of blog posts and articles written by Clever Investor experts.

Clever Investor Opportunity

The opportunity here presented by the company is to gain free or low-cost education and training materials related to the real estate investment markets. This is the only opportunity associated with Clever Investor; there is no affiliate membership opportunity to market, for example.

This makes the program of limited use to anyone not interested in working the real estate markets.

Clever Investor Summary

Clever Investor is a mixed bag when it comes to the worth of the company and its training. On the one hand, the company itself has an absolutely stellar reputation.

There are very, very few complaints out there that we were able to find during our research efforts when it came to the the company, its founder, and the experts that provide the training and education.

The company itself is BBB Accredited, which is a major accomplishment, and has been running strong since 2010 – two signs of longevity that speak volumes for the business itself and its management.

The verifiable charity work that Sperber has engaged in is also a major mark in his favor.

Since he has pinned his own personal brand so completely to the success of Clever Investor, it shows a high level of personal accountability, transparency, and morality – things that are sometimes sorely lacking in business executives.

These are all very strong points in favor of Sperber and Clever Investor. It's clear that the company is not a scam or a get-rich-quick scheme of any kind. However, that being said, there are still some negatives to be found with the training and education provided by the company.

First, if you are looking for an MLM or affiliate marketing opportunity with Clever Investor, you will not be satisfied. This company is completely concerned with providing training and education, not in awarding members with affiliate commissions or anything like that.

The focus is instead learning how to be a successful real estate investor, nothing more and certainly nothing less.

If you aren't just looking for an affiliate internet marketing company, there is much to like about Clever Investor.

However, some complaints we've run into claim that the educational materials are more geared towards base beginners than anyone else, leaving intermediate and advanced real estate investors all but left out.

Others have claimed that some of the training methods may be outdated, or that the paid products and services offered aren't cost-effective.

The company's direct mail service was especially singled out in this regard, with some claiming that not only has direct mail fallen to the wayside as a marketing method in the face of internet listbuilding and the like, but the price of the company's direct mail service is simply not competitive when it comes to alternative methods for acquiring lists and then sending direct mailings to these addresses.

Finally, the website itself has been criticized for not being very professionally laid out, especially when it comes to presenting courses and any relevant prices in a clear manner.

This is something we experienced ourselves, with almost every product linking to a secondary webinar sign-up page that lacked any other information, which was less-than-useful.

Additionally, some pages feature truly frustrating videos that require you to sit through them while Sperber himself sells you on the products or services he's about to offer you.

These videos often lack the ability to pause and rewind the video to go back to a part you wish to see again; the only way to do so is to refresh the page and sit through the entire presentation from the beginning.

This tactic – often employed by scam sites – really has no place here on a legitimate website.

This is why we have a hard time evaluating Clever Investor as a whole.

For all of its minor to moderate faults in website design and training methods, there doesn't seem to be even a whiff of malice here; the company and its founder seem absolutely honest and earnest in presenting their opportunity to others to hone their real estate investment skills.

The pile of glowing reviews and recommendations from a large number of satisfied customers over the years also shows rather definitively that there's no underhanded business going on here – just a company providing what its customers want.

Is Clever Investor right for you? If you're looking to learn more about real estate investment and you have the time and energy to do so by attending a handful of free webinars, then the answer may be yes.

You will likely need to evaluate the knowledge you're given before moving forward and transitioning to any paid products and services that Clever Investor does offer down the line. However, this only applies if real estate investment is your cup of tea.

If it's not, then you will need to seek harbor elsewhere.

In the end, the company's sterling reputation and its large selection of free educational resources leads us to recommend Clever Investor, but only under certain very specific conditions.

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