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Easy ClickBank Commissions is a digital workbook that purportedly teaches readers the secrets of making $100 a day as a ClickBank affiliate marketer by making use of “free laser targeted traffic strategies.”

What Is Easy ClickBank Commissions?

The Easy ClickBank Commissions site is purportedly run by an individual named Travis Mann.

The image used on the site to represent the author, however, is linked to the profile of an individual known as Joshua Mann, who received a B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2008.

This same Joshua Mann seems to have gone on to receive his Ph.D. from Berkeley and then went on to become a content strategist / UX writer at Google.

This of course made us suspicious, as it doesn't seem likely for Thomas and Joshua Mann to be the same, even though the website uses Joshua's picture. We checked the site's registration, revealing that the site was registered by a Chinthaka Ettipola, from Sri Lanka.

On Facebook, Ettipola is listed as the CEO of a company called ChinEtti Holdings. No information exists regarding this company or what it does, nor is there any detailed information to find on Ettipola besides a private Facebook page and a site registration.

Easy ClickBank Commissions Product

Easy ClickBank Commissions is a $19 digital product, sold by ClickBank, that users can purchase to learn the secrets of generating amazing levels of free web traffic for ClickBank affiliate campaigns.

There's little information within the website that describes what these “secrets” are, however, as it's mostly marketing fluff.

As the digital product is sold through ClickBank, customers can avail themselves of a 60-day money back guarantee.

Easy ClickBank Commissions Opportunity

In addition to providing the e-book product, Mann also has an affiliate opportunity he offers to anyone interested in marketing his product.

Appropriately enough, Mann uses ClickBank's well-established affiliate framework to provide affiliates a 50% commission rate on all sales. Mann provides support in the form of email campaign content, banner ads, and lists of PPC keywords.

Mann recommends all of his affiliates purchase his product in order to maximize their ability to drive traffic to the very product they are marketing.

Easy ClickBank Commissions Verdict

There's a serious problem with Easy ClickBank Commissions, and it's most certainly the fact that nowhere is Chinthaka Ettipola's name on the site.

Considering most normal internet users don't know how to check site registrations and simply take them at face value, it's an obvious bait-and-switch.

The fact that the site claims that the product has been written by a Thomas Mann, who looks exactly like Joshua Mann, but is registered to someone living and working in Sri Lanka, raises some serious questions.

Even if by some fluke of nature the content of the product ends up being worth its weight in gold, the fact that it's presented by someone who is purposely misleading both his customers and his affiliates as to his identity is inexcusable.

Of course, if you want to see if the product has any use, there is the 60-day ClickBank guarantee that you can fall back on. It's worth it, if you want to satisfy your curiosity.

Otherwise, steer clear of this one – we don't think Ettipola deserves to be rewarded for bad behavior.

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