ClickMSG is a new technology aimed at helping businesses that advertise on Facebook. The software helps companies send personalized messages to anyone who clicks on their Facebook ad, which is a new feature with Facebook advertising.

Theoretically, ClickMSG software will help businesses to convert more customers and get more out of the money they spend on Facebook advertising. ClickMSG just recently launched on January 6, 2017.

What Is Click MSG?

The company behind ClickMSG is unclear, but according to the ClickMSG site, the technology is the brainchild of Brad Stephens and Cyril Jeet. According to his Facebook page, Stephens is the owner and CEO of SMM Productions, a company based out of Cape Town, South Africa.

However, the company’s Facebook page states that it has a mere six likes, so it’s clearly not an established company.

Stephens is in a video at the top of the ClickMSG page, speaking in what appears to be an Australian accent, so one can presume he hails from Australia. However, he doesn’t give any information about himself, Jeet, or the history of the company.

His Facebook page states that he attended universities in both Australia and South Africa, but there’s nothing more about his professional history outside of SMM Productions.

There is even less information known about Jeet, whose Facebook page (as linked on the ClickMSG site) lists his name as Cyril Mathily Gupta. However, no other information is given about him.

The Product

The product being offered by ClickMSG is software that’s compatible with a new feature called “Messenger” for Facebook ads that allows a company to send a personal message to anyone who clicks one of their ads. The feature allows for a simple text message to be sent to each individual.

There is also the option of sending a more detailed graphic message, but only in JSON format, which can be problematic for some users.

This is where ClickMSG enters the equation, as the software can help a user create a graphic image with a headline, picture, call-to-action, and more without being a JSON coder.

A video on the ClickMSG website explains in an easy-to-follow way the process of putting together an interactive message for potential customers that is then converted into JSON format.

Once you create the digital message you want to send to prospective customers, you can simply cut and paste the JSON text into the “Messenger” feature on Facebook ads.

In addition to text and graphics, ClickMSG technology also allows companies to include a call-to-action button, reply buttons, coupons, and other features in the personalized message sent to potential customers.

The software is also compatible with all devices, so users will be able to view your message on computers, tablets, phones, and any other device.

The Opportunity

ClickMSG Annual can be purchased for as little as $27. For this price, you gain access to ClickMSG for a full year with up to 30 ads per month. You can also opt for ClickMSG Lifetime, which is $37 and is a lifelong product with unlimited ads.

The ClickMSG site also mentions products called MsgHero for $46, ClickMSG Agency for $67, and ClickMSG Whitelabel for $197, although no other details are given about these products.

ClickMSG is also running a contest for affiliates who sell the new technology. Affiliates with Zaxaa and JVzoo are eligible to participate and earn part of the $6,000 in prize money ClickMSG is offering, with $2,000 going to the top affiliate.

The Verdict

Despite little information being available about the company or the people behind ClickMSG, it appears to be a legitimate product and a great opportunity for any business that advertises on Facebook or has considered advertising on Facebook.

The “Messenger” feature is the next frontier for Facebook advertising, and ClickMSG makes it easier to create the kind of personalized messages that can help to convert new customers.

There’s always going to be some risk or uncertainty with a newly launched product. However, by all accounts, ClickMSG technology is easy to use and has a chance to be quite effective.

There’s also little financial commitment involved in buying the software and giving it a try, so if it doesn’t work out in the long run, there’s little harm done.

Anyone who advertises on Facebook or who has considered trying to advertise on Facebook should give serious consideration to using ClickMSG; the software offers considerable upside and potential.

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