Clickadu is an online advertising network that focuses on providing popup and pop-under ads. Individuals can join Clickadu as an advertiser or a website publisher, which provides unique opportunities to each class of user. The platform also offers a referral program for additional income opportunities.

What Is Clickadu?

There's not much information on Clickadu except that it was founded in 2014 and is based out of the Czech Republic. This is supported by the occasional example of poor English – typical of non-native speakers – on the Clickadu website. Other than that, there seems to be little in the way of publicly available data about the ownership of the company; the site's registration reflects its 2014 founding but has an anonymous registrant.

Despite the lack of any specific information about its owners, Clickadu seems to have a positive enough reputation in the ad network industry. We've found no red flags concerning misconduct or anything of that nature, though it is always disconcerting to not know who, specifically, is behind a company.

Clickadu Product

Clickadu offers two types of services: one for advertisers and one for publishers.

Advertisers can access many different features, including multi-geographical traffic from popular desktop and mobile channels, advanced targeting and real-time stats, popular price models such as CPM, CPA, and CPL, traffic from direct publishers, a self-serve platform, unique IT tools, API integration, and support for managed campaigns.

Becoming a publisher associated with Clickadu's ad network, on the other hand, offers its own advantages. These include an l00% fill-rate of all traffic, automated payouts twice a month, competitive CPM rates, exclusive advertisers, 100% clean ads, and unique IT tools for anti-malware protection.

Opening up either an advertiser or publisher account with Clickadu is free, though publishers do need to have their sites approved by Clickadu during this process. Running advertising campaigns through Clickadu is a variable price process, with rates competitive with other platforms like AdSense.

Clickadu Opportunity

There are two money-making opportunities with Clickadu. The first is to become a publisher and include pop-up or pop-under ads on your website; Clickadu pays out automatically every 15 days for publishers who accrue at least $100 in ad revenue.

Secondly, Clickadu has a referral program as well. Referring new business to Clickadu provides 10% commissions for the first month of a referral's registration, 7% the second month, and 5% from the third month onwards. There is no limit to the number of months you can receive referral commissions.

Clickadu Verdict

Clickadu, based on its online reputation, is an excellent advertising network platform that may not rival AdSense but does present a viable alternative. It's been referred to as especially appropriate for beginner ad publishers, making it an excellent first stepping-stone to making money over the internet through advertising revenue.

The secondary earnings opportunity provided by Clickadu through monthly commissions is an added bonus to anyone looking to become involved as a publisher. This makes Clickadu an even more attractive choice overall.

It's not entirely clear how advantageous it is to become an advertiser with the Clickadu network, as this represents an expenditure. However, ads run on the platform seem to have a decent ROI, which means that if you do run an ad for your own products or services, you may see some additional conversions that you wouldn't have seen otherwise. This might represent an overall net gain in the long run.

Overall, Clickadu seems to be a solid advertising network that pays out regularly and that has a relatively good reputation. The only problem we really have is that there's no real information regarding who runs the company, which always makes us nervous. Despite that, however, the positive points of everything we've seen and heard about Clickadu seem encouraging.

If you're looking to join the ranks of those who earn advertising revenue online, then Clickadu might be a very good place to start. Combined with its referral program, Clickadu represents a solid beginner's online income earnings opportunity.

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