coin nuggets

Coin Nuggets is an unfortunately named subscription-based two-tier matrix cycler that promises up to $6100 in commission payments, all for just 1 cent to begin with.

What Is Coin Nuggets?

Coin Nuggets is a product of I-Affiliate Marketing Inc, a company owned by one Michael Weber.

Weber has been involved in the MLM and affiliate marketing industry since at least 2015. He was behind the X100K pyramid scheme, as well as PIF2Cash, another similar scheme that bears a passing resemblance to Coin Nuggets.

Both of these projects of Weber's collapsed rather spectacularly in 2016. However, not willing to rest on his morals, Weber is back with his newest attempt to create money out of thin air with Coin Nuggets.

Coin Nuggets Product

There's not any legitimate product or service associated with Coin Nuggets.

Investing in matrix cycler positions does grant you access to a certain number of “ad credits,” which technically allows you to advertise your own products and services on the Coin Nuggets website, but this is a common diversionary tactic used by matrix cyclers to provide their otherwise questionable schemes with a veneer of legitimacy.

In truth, the only action Coin Nuggets members can undertake is to market membership in order to fill their own matrix.

Coin Nuggets Opportunity

There are two matrix tiers for Coin Nuggets, the “Coin” matrix and the “Nugget” matrix.

The first is a 2×5 matrix that has a $0.01 buy-in, paid directly to your sponsor. Filling subsequent levels of your matrix earns you payments from your direct recruits, as long as you keep making ever-larger payouts to your sponsor; commissions start at $0.01 and eventually become as high as $256.

Completing the Coin matrix entitles members to then join the Nugget matrix, which starts with a $5 commission and, over its subsequent levels, ends with a $6100 commission.

Coin Nuggets also offers a residual commission program that awards affiliates when their own direct recruits cycle through certain levels of their own matrices.

Direct recruits cycling through Coin Matrix levels 3, 4, and 5 provide referral commissions of $0.05, $0.45, and $24.50 respectively. Meanwhile, direct recruits transitioning to Nugget Matrix levels 2, 3, and 4 provide commissions of $5, $20, and $475.

Joining Coin Nuggets requires spending $25.05 in penny matrix positions, plus maintaining a reserve balance of an additional $20 in your account. This makes the total startup costs $45.05.

Coin Nuggets Verdict

Anyone with half a dozen brain cells can easily see the flaws inherent in Coin Nuggets' system. Sure, the initial buy-in to the Coin Matrix is just a penny, but the only way to transition to the higher-paying Nugget Matrix is to completely fill your Coin Matrix.

This requires you to fill a 2×5 matrix. That's 2 direct recruits for your first level, 4 recruits for your second level, 8 for your third, 16 for your fourth, and 32 for your fifth. 62 recruits in total.

Then, each of those individuals recruited in your matrix will need 62 recruits of their own to be able to pay out to you in order to enable you to transition to Nugget Matrix. Those 62 will need 62 each to fill their own matrix levels, and so on.

Eventually there won't be enough people in the world interested in enrolling in Coin Nuggets. Once the program hits peak membership and recruitment falters and dies off – an inevitability in this case – only a handful of members will have filled their matrix positions to transition to Nugget Matrix.

These few members might make a few bucks from recruitment, but the vast majority of members will never get there, instead just dropping money into the Coin Nuggets void in the vain hope of a payday.

Of course, the bigger problem with matrix cycler schemes like this is that the admins of these schemes often pre-load the top positions with accounts that they run themselves.

This means that anyone coming into the program is likely being sponsored by Weber, either directly or indirectly. This also means that all payments ultimately flow upwards to Weber, who keeps them since he doesn't have anyone above him that he needs to pay out to.

In other words, don't believe the hype when it comes to Coin Nuggets. The system is rigged – ensuring that you can fill your entire matrix with enough active recruits is next to impossible, which means that you're doomed to fail. Meanwhile, all your pass-ups are eventually filtering directly into Weber's pockets.

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