CoinTracking is a bitcoin and digital currency portfolio monitor that helps you understand the tax implications of your cryptocurrency trading. Here’s our CoinTracking review.

What Is CoinTracking?

CoinTracking is a personal profit/loss portfolio monitor and tax tracker that supports all digital coins (bitcoin, all popular altcoins, and 4,000 other currencies in total).

The software supports all coins, all analyses, all calculations, all charts, and all prices for bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, DogeCoin, and more. It claims to be the number one tool for tracking, evaluating, and calculating trades.

To get started, you can view a live demo of CoinTracking by visiting Once you’re ready to sign up, you can sign up for free. The platform claims to have added over 34,000 registered users since being formed in April 2013.

There’s also a CoinTracking app that lets you manage your portfolio from a mobile device.

CoinTracking has continuously expanded its offerings over the years. The platform made headlines in May 2017 for adding Coinmate,, Coinbase, and GDAX to its data import options, for example.

CoinTracking has been around since 2013, although the platform was previously known as MY-BTC.

The basic CoinTracking account is available for free and supports 200 trades. If you want to support more trades, then you can sign up for a Pro plan (3500 trades) or an Unlimited plan. The Pro plan costs about 0.04 BTC for one year, while the Unlimited plan costs 0.09 BTC for one year. Two year discounts and lifetime subscription plans are also available.

CoinTracking Features

CoinTracking offers all of the following features for bitcoin and digital currency users:

Personal Analysis

  • Interactive charts for trades and coins
  • Calculations of key indicators
  • Profit/loss, coin value and balances
  • Realized and unrealized gains


  • List of all trades and fees
  • Grouping by exchange
  • Interactive search
  • Comment functions

Tax Declaration

  • Produce a capital gains report
  • FIFO, LIFO, HIFO, and LOFO calculations
  • Prepared for accountants and tax offices
  • Variable parameters for all countries

Trade Importer

  • Easy CSV import from 26 exchanges
  • Automatic imports via APIs
  • Exports in Excel, PDF, CSV, XML, and JSON
  • Direct synchronization with the blockchain

Coin Charts And Analyses

  • History charts for all 4603 coins
  • Always the latest prices and accurate historical prices for all coins
  • View top coins by trades and by volume
  • Experimental bitcoin forecasts

Functions & Security

  • Complete documentation
  • Email reports on request
  • SSL certified and encrypted
  • No access to your exchange accounts is required

CoinTracking supports virtually all popular exchanges used by digital currency traders today, including popular options like Bittrex, Bitfinex, and Bitstamp as well as smaller exchanges serving regional markets.

You can also view detailed charts for the value of your coins, your profit/loss, your balance, your expenses, and all other relevant data over time. See how your portfolio has risen and fallen over the months, then extract accurate tax data based on that information.

You can also view global statistics – like market prices, average profit calculations, trend forecasts, and more, to get a broad overview of where the industry is going.

You can download CoinTracking for your mobile device, although you can also access the platform through your desktop or browser.

CoinTracking Pricing

CoinTracking accounts are free to sign up, although free accounts have a maximum of 200 trades. If you need to support more trades, then you’ll need to sign up for a Pro or Unlimited account. Here’s how pricing breaks down across the accounts:

Free (Max. 200 Trades)


  • Trade tracking (max. 200 trades)
  • Unlimited coin tracking
  • Reporting (max. 200 trades)
  • Charts and research area
  • Exchange imports (max. 200 trades)
  • Automatic blockchain imports (for 2 wallets)
  • Tax reporting (including capital gains report) (max. 100 trades)
  • Exports (CSV, XLS, PDF, HTML)
  • Trading backups (2 backups)
  • Multiple account linking
  • No advertising

Pro (Max. 3500 Trades)

0.04 BTC for one year, 0.07 BTC for two years, or 0.12 BTC for lifetime use

  • Trade tracking (max. 3500 trades)
  • Unlimited coin tracking
  • Reporting (max. 3500 trades)
  • Charts and research area
  • Exchange imports (max. 3500 trades)
  • Automatic API imports (max. 3500 trades)
  • Automatic blockchain imports (for 5 wallets)
  • Tax reporting (including capital gains report) (max. 3500 trades)
  • CSV, XLS, PDF, HTML exports
  • 5 trading backups
  • Multiple account linking
  • No advertising


0.09 BTC for one year, 0.14 BTC for two years, 0.52 BTC for lifetime use

  • Unlimited trade tracking
  • Unlimited coin tracking
  • Unlimited reporting
  • Charts and research area
  • Unlimited exchange imports
  • Unlimited automatic API imports
  • Automatic blockchain imports (for 50 wallets)
  • Unlimited tax reporting (including capital gains report)
  • CSV, XLS, PDF, HTML, XML, JSON exports
  • Trades backups (20 backups)
  • Multiple account linking
  • No advertising
  • Prioritized catching
  • Daily backups of all trades
  • Guaranteed access to all future updates

Coin Tracking Conclusion

CoinTracking is one of the bitcoin community’s most popular trade tracking and tax reporting platforms. It’s straightforward to use and supports all coins and all exchanges.

Pricing is also reasonable: you can try the platform for free and use it completely for free if you’re making fewer than 200 trades per year. Then, if you require more trades, you can sign up for a Pro or Unlimited plan. Visit today for more information.

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