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Conjure Gram is the newest all-n-one stop for your digital needs. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to share images or videos then Conjure Gram is the software you need. It not only lets you schedule Instagram posts, it also allows has a built-in auto follower, commenter, and liker.

What Is Conjure Gram?

According to the site, is scheduled to launch January 10, 2017. The site and software were created by Ben Murray and Daniel Adetunji. You can easily Skype with them to get more details about who they are and their product.

Conjure Gram can also be found by doing a simple Google search.

However, at this moment you won't find much about the site or the product on any social media outlet. The reason behind this is simply because the site and product are too new to have any solid feedback. After all, the site hasn't officially launched.

The Product

Conjure Gram is the “must have” software to promote and market any and all products or services. With Conjure Gram you will be able to schedule posts to the exact hour you want the post to go live. Or if you want you can schedule it out to the month and year as well.

Plus the software has a built-in photo and video editor so you don't have to jump around from program to program in order to get the perfect picture. Simply use the built-in editor and post the image or video directly from the application.

Conjure Gram also features the infamous Hashtag spying system that allows you to tap into massive amounts of traffic thanks to the hashtags your visitors and users are using. There is so much you can do with Conjure Gram the sky is virtually the limit.

As of right now, there is no listing for the price. You will find that Conjure Gram Lite may run around $47 and Conjure Gram Pro will cost $67. However, you won’t find any buy button to verify these prices until the site officially launches January 10th.

The Opportunity

You can earn 50% commissions by signing up as an affiliate. Plus right now there is the opportunity to get in on some major bonuses for being the top seller for Conjure Gram.

The grand prize for selling the most is $3,000 followed by $1,500 and it goes down to the sixth place where you could win $50.

The site does state that you can earn bonuses on different contests that are going on. The only way to get in on the prizes though is to sign up as an affiliate and start promoting Conjure Gram.

Keep in mind, though, that when you are promoting the software to inform people that it is still in prelaunch mode and to tickle their fancy for the January 10th release date.

The Verdict

One thing is for certain, the application seems to be the be all end all for Instagram. You will notice that you can do everything within the software without ever having to leave it to get things done. Everything is right there for you to streamline your business.

Now for the not so great thing, the price. Nowhere on the site does it mention how much the product actually is. Anytime you try to click on the buy button the page is simply refreshes and doesn't give you any option to purchase.

Of course, this may be due to the product not being available as of this posting. The site does say it won't launch until the 10th of January so maybe come back then and you will see the price.

Other than the missing price tag, Conjure Gram is everything you might be looking for in a single standing platform if you use Instagram. Granted it doesn't work with other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

None the less it is definitely worth looking into once it is available to buy. This nifty software will help save you loads of time as you try to build your brand and company name.

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