I remember when I first started when I encountered Constant Contact. It was when I first began my internet marketing journey and didn't have a clue what enterprise software was or how to go about finding the best solutions.

The company has lasted for quite a long time and gained a lot of market share in email management because of early penetration. It’s quite unfortunate to say this but Constant Contact is a mediocre tool and if you use you will get mediocre results.

Constant Contact is trying to being the jack of all trades. If they only focused on email management then I would change my mind on the software. However, they haven’t. They are trying to catch up on the social media game which I think is a mistake. They need to improve the quality of their product and make it the best to their ability before they go on jumping toward new endeavors.

Still, Constant Contact is a good tool for beginners entering the email marketing industry. It’s easy to use and allows you to collect experience in this industry. Beginners will be able to do their campaigns with ease and not much difficult. Within that regard Constant Contact is great in that department.

Constant Contact Pros

Despite, the software being mediocre Constant Contact’s greatest strength is how easy it is to use. Everything is designed for the beginner in mind. From start to finish the software has a really short learning curve. You’ll be able to crank out your mass email campaign in no time with Constant Contact.

There are some templates that you can choose from but the problem is that it’s hard to navigate around. Once you pick a template you’ll be able to edit it easily with their WYSIWYG editor. You can create your own templates if you know some HTML.

I’ll repeat this again. Constant Contact is really easy to use. That’s their number one strength.

Their customer service is good. That’s a major plus for Constant Contact. You can actually talk to a live human being if you contact their customer support. That is quite rare in this industry.

Constant Contact Cons

The biggest negative for Constant Contact is the inability to do A/B testing. That is what makes it so mediocre. A/B testing is the process of by testing all sorts of variables to improve your content. For example you can segment a portion of your emails by using different colors/fonts and compare your emails that way. Constant Contact has none of that. If only they had this feature then it would instantly be a quality product. But for some reason they just don’t have it. They lose a lot of points for this.

Their contact management is mediocre as well. I wasn’t kidding when I said that Constant Contact is mediocre. Managing your contacts is easy but you heavily restricted on what you can do with your contacts. You can’t segment your contacts and experiment. There are other tools for that.

Another reason why Constant Contact is so bad is that their form department isn’t that great. Having opt in pages that are high quality affects your conversions directly. Your sales funnel gets damage if you don’t have the right form for your traffic. Constant Contact sucks at designing forms, customization of said forms, and putting them into your website. I don’t understand why they would do this.

Constant Contact is below average when using it for grabbing leads. All they have is an autoresponder feature which allows you to send automated emails to people that submit particular forms. However, that is all they have in this department. That is severely restricting to people who need much more than that.

And their recent pursuit of entering the social media game really makes Constant Contact a horrible tool to use. They attempt to make social marketing easy for you but they just don’t. They suck at it. It only clutters your dashboard which makes it really annoying to use.


Constant Contact is a mediocre tool that will give you mediocre results. That’s all there is to it. It’s great for beginners who need a easy to use platform to send out mass emails. That’s all.

This tool however is NOT for people who need comprehensive lead generation, contact management, segmenting your emails and so forth. There are much better tools out there.

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  1. The main problem is the invisible part of service… Looking at the naked features you can choose technically better solution. But the better way is to listen the experienced user, and they for instance say that ConstantContact provides the best dedicated support for the newbies but having real urgent email marketing needs.


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