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Copy My Cashflow is a “done for you” earnings opportunity that provides pre-selected affiliate product and service sites for users to market in order to receive commission-based income. Copy My Cashflow also offers an affiliate program of its own for anyone interested in marketing the service directly to others.

What Is Copy My Cashflow?

Copy My Cashflow is presented by an individual who identifies himself only as “Josh” in the program's promotional video. That's not worth much of anything, of course, so we took a deeper look into Copy My Cashflow's ownership to see if we could figure out who's behind the curtain.

Unfortunately, identifying who's behind Copy My Cashflow proved problematic. The site's registry points to an address in Newport Beach, California that turns out to be a post office box at a local UPS Store.

The email address on the registration points to a domain name for a company named AdTech Capital. Research indicates this company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California but is associated with a residential apartment block, not an office building.

Finally, we do find some names to go with this company. The affiliate page for Copy My Cashflow reveals that the company is run by “Steven Johnson, Josh Carter, & [the] CMC Team.” Besides these names, though, we've found no information about either Johnson, Carter, or AdTech Capital.

As always, if you can't positively identify exactly who runs a company, this could be a strong indicator that the owners have something to hide.

Copy My Cashflow Product

Copy My Cashflow is a service that costs $37 for lifetime access. Payments are processed by ClickBank, which provides a 60-day money back guarantee on all initial purchases made through it.

The promotional video on the Copy My Cashflow site is short on facts regarding just what kind of services are included in this “lifetime access.” Ostensibly, gaining access to the program provides members with the tools and training to “copy the success” that the company's creators have had in designing and promoting affiliate marketing pages in order to earn commission-based income.

However, we're fairly sure that the ultra-low price of just $37 isn't the only cost associated with Copy My Cashflow. Based on the affiliate program (more on that below) there are likely to be many upsells awaiting members, and these may be quite expensive indeed.

Copy My Cashflow Opportunity

If you're not interested in joining Copy My Cashflow as a member, you can also market the program to others for a cut of that membership fee.

Again there's very little information on the affiliate program itself, save that affiliates can earn up to $200 per lead referred to Copy My Cashflow.

This is an obvious indication that there is much more than just $37 at stake here, as it's typical that commission-based affiliate sales system like this reward around 50% commission rates to their affiliates. This means that the total cost to a member could be close to $400 with upsells.

While this represents an excellent earnings opportunity for affiliates, it doesn't speak well to members who are looking for an opportunity to use Copy My Cashflow directly – especially ones who think they're getting a full system for just $37.

Copy My Cashflow Verdict

Overall, Copy My Cashflow looks like an excellent opportunity to make money by marketing it as an affiliate. However, using the system itself is unlikely to be very useful, considering how many hidden costs and fees in the form of amorphous, unknown upsells there must be waiting in the wing.

This poses a bit of an ethical problem. Do you become an affiliate for Copy My Cashflow, knowing full well that you're likely going to be complicit in suckering people into forking over hundreds of dollars on a product or service that's likely not worth that much, or possibly not worth anything at all? Are you comfortable marketing a program that bills itself as “just $37 for lifetime access” but has hidden upsell costs of possibly $400? While promoting Copy My Cashflow this might be a short-term money maker for an affiliate marketer

While promoting Copy My Cashflow this might be a short-term money maker for an affiliate marketer – up to $200 per lead is pretty impressive – this could cause long-term problems for internet marketers. The damage to your reputation as a marketer could suffer easily if you become associated with promoting Copy My Cashflow, especially if the program becomes synonymous with “scam.”

As for whether Copy My Cashflow works on a fundamental level, it probably doesn't. The testimonials used in the promotional video are all recorded by well-known Fiverr actors, so there's no proof the system works. Furthermore, if this system is on the up-and-up, why not provide real, factual information about who owns the company and who created the program?

For all these reasons we can't recommend Copy My Cashflow, either as a member or as an affiliate.

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