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Copy My Websites (CMW) is an online affiliate program where the creator supposedly provides access to his own proven marketing websites for users to “copy” and share to make money of their own.

What Is Copy My Websites?

The only information on the website regarding the company behind CMW is a header text that reads “Tim Marketing.” Who this “Tim” is, we don't know; the individual narrating the video calls himself “Jake,” and he claims to be the creator of this product.

Not only that, but the website's registration information tells a different tale.

There, the site is registered to a “Craig Hammer” of Akron, Ohio; the company listed under Hammer's name is “TIM Marketing.” The address is for a rather nondescript house in a residential neighborhood; according to Google Earth, Mr. Hammer isn't a fan of mowing his front lawn very regularly.

Our research has revealed that the TIM in TIM Marketing stands for “Total Impact Marketing,” which makes the company's full name “Total Impact Marketing Marketing.”

Additionally, we've found several complaints lodged against TIM Marketing and Craig Hammer for running scams over the internet.

Copy My Websites Product

The Copy My Websites product is never described with much clarity by the promotional video.

Perusal of the other YouTube videos associated with the CMW account reveals some more information – it looks like the program provides affiliate marketing opportunities through ClickBank through the use of pre-made marketing websites.

The cost of this product is $37. However, there are likely upsells, based on complaints lodged against Hammer for similar products he has marketed in the past.

Copy My Websites Opportunity

The opportunity presented by CMW is amorphous at best, as the site claims that it's possible to begin making $1,000 or more a day by using the CMW system. This is made possible by “copying” the success the video's narrator which claims he has already had – success that has made him a millionaire.

Copy My Websites Verdict

Copy My Websites is not going to make you rich. In fact the only thing it's likely to do is to separate you from your money as quickly and efficiently as it can before asking you for more.

How do we know this? Well, it's fairly obvious – the person behind the site, Craig Hammer, has left a long trail of extremely dissatisfied customers in his wake.

This makes us assume that Hammer is simply a petty scammer bouncing from one scheme to another, using paid actors to perform voice-overs and provide testimonials to make his latest scam look legitimate even when it's not.

The problem is that Hammer obviously isn't very bright. Any scammer with more than two brain cells in his head would have registered his website through a private domain name registration service.

Not doing so has led us right to his identity, enabling us to identify his ever-growing list of pissed off customers, and possibly even his street address. No scammer is that stupid, are they?

Of course the possibility exists that Hammer isn't an idiot – he's just extremely unlucky in attempting to run an internet business.

This would explain why he registered his site under his own name and address, as well as why he keeps trying – and failing – to get it right when it comes to internet marketing.

However, we simply can't give Hammer the benefit of the doubt.

Just from evaluating the Copy My Websites video itself, the company misrepresents itself under a false name (“Jake”), falsely says that they've made millions using their marketing pages, and makes ridiculous claims being capable of making a customer thousands of dollars a week just by re-using their pages.

These statements aren't your typical advertising puffery. No, these are outright lies, intended to deceive credulous customers and scam them out of their hard-earned money in return for a program that doesn't work nearly as well as promised – or might not work at all.

Stay away from Copy My Websites, and anything else Hammer is involved in. You're likely to get burned

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