CopyProfitShare is a training and education platform designed to provide knowledge to its users on how to trade online on the Forex or binary options markets. The platform also includes access to an MLM affiliate program as well.

What Is CopyProfitShare?

CopyProfitShare is the brainchild of Nenad Korof, a Canada-based serial MLM and affiliate marketer that has been involved in several different companies since at least 2007. In the past, Korof was involved in MLM companies such as ACN and Vemma before moving on to create CopyProfitShare.

Korof has a very poor reputation. Many of his former CopyProfitShare students have voiced very negative opinions about his ability to make successful Forex and binary options trades, and have characterized the price of his training program as exorbitantly expensive for the amount of training received.

Korof also has a reputation for finding any negative reviews online and posting aggressively hateful refutations of these reviews under a well-known pseudonym, many of which are simply copy/pasted.

Unfortunately, the problems with Korof go much deeper than that. According to a ruling in the Ontario Court of Justice on February 7, 2017, Korof had been accused of three separate counts of being involved in a prostitution business, encouraging a former MLM affiliate to become first an exotic dancer and then a paid escort. Two of these three counts were proven beyond a reasonable doubt, according to Justice Joseph M. Fragomeni.

All of this information taken together paints a very negative picture of Korof. While we'll discuss his program in full, the specter of his bad reputation casts a long, deep shadow.

CopyProfitShare Product

CopyProfitShare, depending on what level of membership you purchase, offers training seminars on binary options and Forex trading, access to an auto-trading bot, several “trusted brokers” to choose from, and even one-on-one training in certain situations.

CopyProfitShare has four different pricing tiers, three of which are monthly and one of which is a one-time fee. Each has differing levels of features provided for the price.

The $145 a month Professional membership provides access to training courses and live webinars, a list of trusted brokers to use while Forex or binary options trading. There is also an initial fee of $200.

The Business membership, which is $160 a month, has all of the features and requirements of Professional membership but also provides access to the MLM affiliate side of the business.

The $185 a month Autotrader membership includes the full access of the first two tiers of membership, grants traders the use of the CopyProfitShare autotrader software along with setup support, claims to offer a “high monthly ROI,” and has a one-time fee of $225.

Finally, Advance membership requires a $5000 one-time payment provides all the above and includes 1-on-1 training, access to advanced course materials and a live chat room. There is also a $185 a month fee.

CopyProfitShare Opportunity

CopyProfitShare also boasts a complex and comprehensive affiliate earning opportunity, based on personal volume (PV) and group volume (GV).

There are more than a dozen rungs to climb in the CopyProfitShare affiliate earning ladder. Moving up the ranks of the company requires ever higher amounts of PV – personal volume – and GV – group volume, or sales of affiliates who come in under the original member as part of their team.

Direct recruits earn affiliates a one-time bonus of $25, though the affiliate at the top of the matrix must maintain monthly sales of at least 145 PV to remain eligible. This equates to around $160 in sales, according to CopyProfitShare's compensation plan.

The company operates on a 3×9 recruitment matrix – three direct recruits on level one, three second-level recruits for each of these direct recruits, and so on for nine levels. Affiliates receive $3 per month for every recruit in their downline.

CopyProfitShare offers additional incentives for incredibly high-performing affiliates. These one-time bonuses include an Apple iWatch, a private jet, and a Lamborghini Hurrican. There's no evidence that anyone has actually claimed any of these awards, though – something that doesn't surprise us in the very least.

CopyProfitShare Verdict

Let's get serious for a minute – there's no way anyone in their right mind would become involved in CopyProfitShare if they knew of the personal reputation of Korof.

First, the feedback left by former CopyProfitShare students is damning in that we haven't found one individual who reported having success with the program. Primary complaints, once again, are for the exorbitant pricing model – and that the training and education provided by CopyProfitShare just aren't worth it – and that Korof's ability to make successful trades has been exaggerated greatly if not completely fabricated.

Secondly, the very public responses that Korof leaves on online reviews are the absolute farthest from professional. While Korof does post under a pseudonym, it's common knowledge among the community that it is indeed Korof, and his canned responses are aggressively vitriolic. This is not the kind of person that is setting a good example as the head of a supposedly professional company.

Finally – leaving the worst for last – is the fact that there is a criminal case on record in Ontario that Korof stands accused of at least two out of three counts of being personally involved in a prostitution ring, recruiting women to first become exotic dancers and then high-end escorts. The details of the case are publicly available.

We don't know about you, but we would never feel comfortable getting involved in any company that has, quite literally, someone accused of being a pimp as a founder and chief executive.

This is criminal behavior, and is not something we would want to become associated with in any way whatsoever – and while we're dismayed by what we learned during our investigation into Korof and CopyProfitShare, we're very glad to have found this information so we can get it out there and warn off potential investors before they become Korof's next victim.

In other words, stay far, far away from Korof, CopyProfitShare, or any other company in which he may be involved. It's not worth getting fleeced, and it's not worth jeopardizing your reputation either.

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