countdown to profits

Countdown To Profits is a system that promises its users an “automated” way to make money online from the comfort of their own homes.

What Is Countdown To Profits?

Countdown To Profits is created by a Richard Paul, who has been involved in the past in binary options trading schemes such as Stark Trading System and Profit Stackers System.

Paul appears, as himself, across all three sites. Whether this indicates he either is a real person or the three opportunities are run by the same company and are simply re-using a paid actor is unknown.

The Product

The actual product or service behind Countdown To Profits is difficult to identify. Only through close reading and scouring of the site does it become clear: purchasing access to the system provides instruction on marketing digital products online and setting up an ecommerce website.

This instruction and training takes anywhere from three to four weeks, according to our interpretation of the copy on the website.

Standard membership prices include $97 for Gold membership. There are two additional tiers, Platinum and Platinum Plus.

Platinum can be unlocked through providing your telephone number to Countdown To Profits; once users reach this tier, they can then pay an additional $87 to unlock Platinum Plus.

These two additional tiers ostensibly provide more detailed training and instruction, though again the details are left vague – perhaps purposely so.

The Opportunity

The opportunity presented by Countdown To Profits is to provide individuals with the training they need to set up their own online business.

Details of how the company purports to go about doing so are scarce, except that there is a 21-step process which includes live webinars and one-on-one coaching sessions.


There are a multitude of problems with Countdown to Profits, but the biggest one is most certainly the lack of transparency.

The nature of the company's course is not publicized in any way and isn't accessible without paying at least the $97 initial fee, which makes it impossible to make an informed decision as to whether Countdown to Profits will be a beneficial program for you.

Additionally, the identity of the individual referred to as “Richard Paul” is suspect as well, as is the status of the other companies he's been involved with; both Stark Trading System and Profit Stackers System have been classified as binary options trading scams by other review sites, making it difficult to trust any opportunities that this individual is presenting.

On top of all that, there are some questionable marketing practices being employed by Countdown To Profits.

The promotional video claims that anyone watching it to the very end qualifies for a $500 cash prize if they purchase the system and don't earn any money within 30 days, yet the fine print places so many eligibility limitations on the $500 refund as to make it nearly impossible to qualify for the payment.

Additionally, the site makes use of testimonial content that has been re-tooled and recycled from other sources, changing names and comments but preserving original profile pictures and similar images.

Along with this high level of dishonesty, Countdown To Profits employs high-pressure sales tactics like highly visible but ultimately false countdown timers that urge prospective customers to act before the opportunity is lost forever.

It doesn't take a genius to see that there's something fishy going on with Countdown To Profits.

Whether it's the company's unspecified training programs, misleading refund promises, fabricated and false testimonials, and zero transparency in its ownership, all these factors add up to a high risk proposition for anyone who's looking for a legitimate opportunity to learn about how to run an online business.

Even just one of these red flags would be enough for us to wave off anyone interested, but all of them – combined with the highly questionable history of “Richard Paul” and his previous business endeavors – makes becoming involved with Countdown To Profits something that we simply cannot recommend at this time.

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