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Crowdfunding King (CK) is an extensive online webinar course designed to instruct individuals on the best practices and strategies for launching an effective crowdfunding campaign through sites such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and IndieGoGo.

What Is Crowdfunding King?

Crowdfunding King (CK) was founded by Michael Lauchlan, a highly successful entrepreneur that created Waybu, a sustainable eyewear company that constructs sunglasses by using bamboo. The Waybu crowdfunding campaign generated around $25,000 in funding, a full 162% more than its $15,000 goal.

Lauchlan has leveraged this success to create other companies through crowdfunding and has designed a detailed course series to share his secrets with others looking to create their own crowdfunded business.

The Product

The initial CK product is a series of free webinars that provide users a base understanding of crowdfunding and how to leverage it to kickstart a business.

There are additional educational materials available through CK that can be purchased, though the nature of these materials and their costs are not spelled out clearly on the CK website or anywhere otherwise.

The Opportunity

The opportunity presented here is in the education consumers can access from CK, and from Lauchlan, on how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding represents a new way to generate startup capital for a company or a particular product that eschews traditional fundraising activities such as angel investors or selling shares in a company.

The innovative nature of crowdfunding – soliciting smaller donations or pledges from a multitude of investors, often in exchange for the finished product at a discounted price or other perks related to a product or service – has proven to be highly popular, and there are thousands of successful crowdfunding campaigns across several crowdfunding websites.


Any entrepreneur interested in starting their own company but without the wherewithal to fund it personally or through a traditional avenue such as a bank loan or investor activity can very often find crowdfunding highly advantageous.

However, the vagaries of conducting a successful campaign require a steady hand on the tiller – something that Lauchlan claims to be able to teach others.

While there are several factors that have a controlling effect on whether a crowdfunding campaign is successful – the product or service being funded and whether it fits a popular niche being one – marketing and promoting a crowdfunding campaign to success is integral. Lauchlan has a proven track record in this area, and doubtless has the expertise and the experience in the world of crowdfunding that's necessary to make a new campaign stand out among the multitudes that are launched every day.

CK and Lauchlan's services are, by all accounts, legitimate. Lauchlan has a positive reputation as an entrepreneur and also as a humanitarian, as many of his companies also provide charitable donations for every product purchased – Waybu, for instance, has donated compact water purifiers to Haiti on behalf of customers who buy its sunglasses. This casts Lauchlan and his businesses in a positive light.

However, this does not necessarily mean that studying under Lauchlan will result in a successful crowdfunding campaign of your own. While the initial webinar series from CK is free, further education on the subject is likely not, and the cost of these further courses is unknown.

With no knowledge of the price of these additional courses, it is difficult to classify the entirety of the CK course program in terms of value.

Overall, there is literally nothing to risk by signing up for CK's initial free webinar course. The risk comes in whether or not the knowledge that is disseminated in this course is sufficient for anyone with no knowledge of how crowdfunding works for them to attempt an IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, or Kickstarter campaign of their own.

Also, there is a risk that, even if someone does pay for the additional advanced courses, that their own crowdfunding campaign fails regardless of the amount of time and money they have invested in it.

However, for anyone going into the world of crowdfunding with open eyes and realistic expectations, Michael Lauchlan's Crowdfunding King program is likely to do more good than harm in the long run. We recommend anyone interested to learn more.

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