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Trading crypto currency is the smartest investment you could make. Since Bitcoin has reached a staggering $3,000 a coin, you can bet anyone who gets into mining the digital currency will come out on top. But the question is, which company do you go to in order to invest and mine this currency? With so many different websites out there, it is hard to tell which one will deliver on its promise. One of the newer sites is Crypto 7 Continents.

Crypto 7 Continents is a site that promises 300% return on your investment. The site claims that they can make you money 24/7. It goes on to say how their software is cutting edge which allows traders to analyze the trends of 20 out of the 831 digital currencies traded daily. With all the hype around cryptocurrency, does Crypto 7 Continents hold up their end of the deal?

What Is Crypto 7 Continents?

According to, the site was registered on June 13, 2017. The site is set to private. There is no information on Crypto 7 Continents to show who owns the site. You also won't find any information to back up their claims of earning potential.

When it comes to contacting the company, you won't find any phone number or address. There is a generic contact form which will send an email to someone, but even then you aren't told who it is going to.

If you look at the “About Us” page you won't find any information there either. What you will find though is another generic statement on how they use a specialized team to create the software.

Crypto 7 Continents Product

Crypto 7 Continents doesn't offer any retail products nor do they offer any useful services. The site is set up to where an affiliate can only promote the six membership plans.

Crypto 7 Continents Opportunity

Crypto 7 Continents is basically an investment site where you can invest anywhere from $500 to $10,000. No matter which plan you choose the company promises you a 25% ROI every month for a year. The different plans start off with a minimum investment of $500 for the “Basic” plan. From there you have “Basic 2” which requires an investment of $1,000. Then you have “Medium” and “Medium 2” which will run you $3,000 and $5,000 respectively. The fifth and six plan are “Premium” and “Premium 2” plans which run $8,000 and $10,000.

Investing is just one way the site says you can earn. Another way is through recruiting and earning a commission of 15% to 30% depending on which plan your new recruit signs up for. You also can earn through residual commissions.

Crypto 7 Continents Verdict

When you first glance at this site you may think that it is a company worth getting into. After all, the website is fancy and high tech. The color scheme lures you in and everything seems to be in order as far as eye candy goes. However, once you start reading the content on the page you may end up changing your mind.

One of the many red flags that come up after the awe of the site has faded is the grammatical errors that are littered throughout the site. One error, in particular, is amusing and is located halfway down the page. When the site goes on to talk about how safe it is to invest in the company and to send them your money. Instead of using the word “SAFE” the site says “SAVE” in big bold letters. There are other noticeable errors, but none as bold as that one.

Grammar and site errors aside, there are other things you need to consider before signing up. The cost is extreme even for the basic level. Not to mention that you aren’t told who is handling your money. For an investment of $500 or more, the company should be upfront about how they handle your funds. So, if you are planning on signing up to Crypto 7 Continents, do your research and be careful. Remember that there are no guarantees when it comes to investing.

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