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Crypto Investing Pro is an online digital education course designed to provide would-be investors interested in learning more about the world of cryptocurrency how to navigate these strange new waters.

What Is Crypto Investing Pro?

Crypto Investing Pro was created by Alex Fortin, a self-styled “investor and entrepreneur” that has positioned himself as an expert on cryptocurrency trading.

Fortin has been active in the crypto community since at least 2015, spending time blogging and releasing crypto-centric content on his YouTube page regularly. As an expert, he has taught courses on Udemy as well.

User feedback on Udemy for Fortin's courses is overall positive; across 25 reviews, he has averaged around 4 out of 5 stars. Users say his courses are ideal for people brand new to crypto, but not so much for individuals that already have experience in the industry.

Crypto Investing Pro Product

Crypto Investing Pro is an online cryptocurrency training course consisting of more than 40 instructional videos.

Topics include not just an overview on cryptocurrency, what it is, and how it works, but more in-depth guidance on why it's important to invest in digital currencies as a hedge against times of economic trouble – and how to go about making these investments correctly to maximize gains and minimize risk.

In addition to the standard course, Fortin includes three bonuses. The first of these is an hour-long video entitled “The Secret Recording,” where Fortin goes over the top 100 cryptocurrencies and provides knowledge on which are ideal for investing.

The second bonus is an e-book entitled the “Little Black Book,” a guide containing detailed information on how to mine cryptocurrencies, where to find the best and most trustworthy sources of crypto news on the internet, what to look for in the most secure ways to store your bitcoin, and lists of locations where you can use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to make purchases.

The third and final bonus is an invitation to Fortin's private Crypto Investing Pro Facebook group, which provides an opportunity to talk crypto investing with Fortin directly and to share experiences with other members of the group.

Crypto Investing Pro costs $67 initially and then $47 a month to gain ongoing access to the Facebook mastermind group. Fortin uses ClickBank as a payment processor, which provides all customers a 60-day money back guarantee.

Crypto Investing Pro Opportunity

The opportunity presented here by Crypto Investing Pro is in learning more about the world of cryptocurrency, specifically with an eye towards investing in crypto in order to create investment income. This is ideal for anyone who is first starting out in the world of crypto and knows nothing at all of the industry.

This seems to be the only opportunity being presented by the product.

Interestingly enough, even though Fortin uses ClickBank – a payment processor most often associated with affiliate marketing over the internet – there doesn't seem to be any affiliate program associated with Crypto Investing Pro for individuals interested in marketing the program for a commission.

Crypto Investing Pro Verdict

From what we've seen, and what we've read about Fortin, Crypto Investing Pro is likely to be a solid introductory course to not just the world of crypto but to cryptocurrency trading and investment. This makes it a good starting point for someone completely new to the world of cryptocurrency.

That being said, there are a few issues we have with Fortin and his program. First is the pricing plan. Nowhere in any of the marketing copy for Crypto Investing Pro does it detail how much the digital learning program actually costs; instead, prospective customers are only presented on the site's separate order form page.

Additionally, there are no indications that Crypto Investing Pro has a monthly fee component associated with it.

In fact, the $47 a month additional fee is presented nowhere except in the easily-overlooked fine print on the order form page. Not specifically stating that the program has a monthly fee in a more explicit manner is not the best of business practices.

Speaking of business practices, there's a discrepancy with the Crypto Investing Pro site and ClickBank's return policy.

Fortin claims he honors a 30-day refund policy, yet customers who purchase ClickBank products are all eligible for a 60-day return window as a matter of course. We're not sure why Fortin omits one entire month, but it certainly doesn't seem honest.

Finally, while we don't doubt the value of the information included in Crypto Investing Pro, it seems much more geared towards complete novices.

If you already have a working knowledge of cryptocurrency, you may not find as much use in Fortin's training; it might be beneficial to look for other options that are more geared towards intermediate or advanced crypto concepts.

Overall, Crypto Investing Pro may possibly be of some use to you, especially if you're completely brand new to the crypto game. Other than that, not so much.

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