crypto rocket

Crypto Rocket is a cryptocurrency-based high-yield investment program (HYIP) that promises daily 3% ROI through unspecified, murky means. Crypto Rocket works exclusively with the Bitcoin digital currency (BTC) and also provides an affiliate earning opportunity for those who recruit other investors.

What Is Crypto Rocket?

There's zero information on the Crypto Rocket website that provides any clues as to who's running the company. In fact, there's hardly any information at all – the site exists mainly to funnel prospective members to the company's presence on Telegram, a multi-platform private messaging app.

In fact, from what we can tell, the entirety of the company's business is conducted over Telegram.

The only information we do have about Crypto Rocket is that the website was registered anonymously in December of 2016 and that its Alexa rankings indicate a user base that is primarily German and Swiss. This makes sense, considering the terribly broken English that's used on the already sparse Crypto Rocket site itself.

Crypto Rocket Product

There's no “product” with Crypto Rocket. The only activity, short of investing funds in the company's HYIP, is to recruit other investors.

Minimum investment in Crypto Rocket is 0.01 BTC, as is the minimum reinvestment amount. Interest on deposits accrues at a rate of 0.125% an hour, which translates to both 3% a day and 90% a month. This is an ongoing investment.

Crypto Rocket Opportunity

In addition to being able to earn 3% daily ROI on investments, anyone depositing funds into Crypto Rocket can also recruit other investors in order to earn commission-based income.

From the information presented, Crypto Rocket's commission system is rather simple. It works on a unilevel scheme that reaches five levels deep, with affiliates  having the ability to earn the following commissions:

  • 1st-level recruits (direct recruits) – 10% on deposits
  • 2nd-level recruits – 5% on deposits
  • 3rd-level recruits – 3% on deposits
  • 4th-level recruits – 1.5% on deposits
  • 5th-level recruits – 0.5% on deposits

Crypto Rocket Verdict

Crypto Rocket is as simple as it is flawed. While it's not exactly a “bitcoin doubler,” it is an HYIP, and it's one that doesn't demonstrate what it does to guarantee a daily ROI of 3% on all deposits. This is, of course, because it's more than likely that Crypto Rocket doesn't actually do any Bitcoin investing at all.

Whoever is behind Crypto Rocket – the invisible, anonymous admin running the company's Telegram account – is running an age-old scam. Deposits from would-be investors roll in and sit in Crypto Rocket's account, and these deposits are then used to pay out anyone who wants to withdraw some of their funds.

In order to cover as many “investors” as possible, Crypto Rocket encourages high levels of recruitment so that new investors pay off the ROI for older ones. The problem arises when recruitment falls, and the amount of money coming in can't cover the amount of money going out.

What happens then is that Crypto Rocket disappears overnight, taking all its invested funds with it. Anyone with any money left in the system gets left holding the bag.

Don't get left clutching that empty bag. Investing in Crypto Rocket is not recommended.

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