Crypto Wealth

Crypto Wealth is a cash gifting scheme masquerading as a subscription-based donation and universal basic income platform.

What Is Crypto Wealth?

The ownership of Crypto Wealth is muddied.

There's little info available as to who may own the company, and this information is not consistent; the originator of the company is listed as one “Stefan Pienaar” on the site itself, yet the website is registered to a Vipul Parekh, the owner of a software development firm headquartered in Kolkata, India. The site itself was registered in August of 2016.

Meanwhile, many of the services Crypto Wealth offers to its subscribers are based in South Africa, leading us to believe that Pienaar was originally based in this country. He may have since transferred ownership to Parekh. There's no identifiable information on Pienaar that we've been able to find.

Crypto Wealth Product

Guess what: there's no real product associated with Crypto Wealth. There are some ancillary services that the company provides in the terms of feeding its members into third-party affiliate programs, but that's neither here nor there.

The actual membership in the program is a “subscription” that costs 0.14 BTC. There's no information as to whether this is a monthly fee, but it is likely. In fact, there are many gaps in the information available on the Crypto Wealth website.

Crypto Wealth Opportunity

The opportunity here, according to Crypto Wealth, is to eventually begin earning a “universal basic income” of up to $12,000 per position.

How Crypto Wealth plans on accomplishing this is impossible to comprehend, as there are glaring informational gaps on the site itself. Promotional and Instructional videos have been taken down or lead to broken links, and there is conflicting information everywhere on how the company's cash gifting scheme works.

Older reviews of Crypto Wealth – dating from possibly before the company changed hands – report a 4×3 cash gifting matrix.

However, this information is likely out of date, as reviews dating to late 2016 report that cash gifting amounts were 0.009 BTC, which is considerably less expensive than the 0.14 BTC “subscription” mentioned so obliquely on the current incarnation of Crypto Wealth's website.

In other words, it's extremely difficult to pin down just exactly what Crypto Wealth is offering, and how much you need to spend in order to gain access.

Crypto Wealth Verdict

Crypto Wealth is the type of poorly managed cash gifting scheme that makes you just shake your head in disbelief that anyone could possibly be fooled into enrolling. It's a complete mess of contradictory and conflicting information, has more missing pieces than a jigsaw puzzle in a nursing home, and is just generally awful.

This is all in addition to the fact that cash gifting schemes are completely illegal in most legal jurisdictions around the world.

Even if Crypto Wealth was operating successfully, the majority of the money “donated” in such a scheme would flow inevitably upwards to whoever is in charge. This is routinely accomplished through pre-loaded accounts at the top of the matrix.

As always, these schemes encourage aggressive recruitment to “provide opportunities” to its members, but the true motivation is to maximize the amount of money flowing to these pre-loaded matrix positions.

If Crypto Wealth was a convenience store, its shelves would be bare except for a few packages of cheap ramen noodles that have been marked up by 500 percent. Thankfully, the company looks to be on the verge of becoming defunct based on the state of its website.

Until then, we recommend keeping far away from the program or anyone who wants to recruit you and become a part of it – Crypto Wealth is one sinking ship that you don't want to be on.

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