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Cryptocurrencies seem to be all of the rage these days. Many people see how cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin have exploded in value and they see them as worthwhile investments. With that, there will always be people trying to exploit the new trends to make some easy money.

One such way is to create webinars to show people good strategies to get rich with cryptocurrency. But of course, that is not the point of those webinars. The webinars are made to sell a certain product for people to buy that supposedly helps them get rich. And that is precisely what Cryptocurrency Millionaire Summit is. However, what is this webinar all about? What product is it trying to push? Should you waste your time and money on it? Let’s take a look!

What Is Cryptocurrency Millionaire Summit?

As I stated earlier, Cryptocurrency Millionaire Summit is a webinar. And if I am being completely honest, it does not appear to be a very high-quality one. It calls itself a “summit” when it is actually just two people doing a voice over. Unlike most webinars, they did not even bother to create a simple PowerPoint presentation to help viewers follow along. That said, perhaps presentation is not everything.

What about the content of what they were saying? It is basically less than an hour of hard selling. The two “experts” that talk throughout this webinar are just trying to get you to purchase a yearly subscription to their newsletter for 100 bucks. They sweeten the pot by offering some eBooks for an initial “trial” charge of $5. Some of the content of the webinar is useful though – it gives a brief history of cryptocurrency and what conditions led to its surge in popularity. But as is the case with most webinars, they do not tell you too much and instead point to their products if you want more information. And their information is a bit pricey.

You might think that getting a yearly subscription to a newsletter and a bunch of eBooks that appear informational on the surface for just around 100 bucks is a good deal, but it really is not. And if you pay the initial $5 “trial” charge, you get automatically locked into a yearly subscription (which costs $100/yr) to the newsletter, known as Nova-X Report. I will go into that a little bit later.

First, I want to give a little background on the two people trying to sell you this stuff in the webinar.

Unmasking The Voices

Throughout this over a half hour long video / webinar / whatever you want to call it, you will only hear two people talking – Michael Robinson and Bill Patalon.

Mr. Robinson is the creator and author of the aforementioned Nova-X Report newsletter. It is alleged by the company that produced the webinar (Money Map Press) that Mr. Robinson is this hotshot venture capitalist who was nominated for a Pulitzer prize for his writing. This may be true, but I can’t find any reputable sites that prove this. Just a bunch of cryptocurrency-related sites that include a tidbit about him being a Pulitzer prize nominee in their bios for him.

Either way, I do not think it is very relevant. His Nova-X Report is supposed to be this super helpful newsletter that exposes the secrets of how to game the system and get rich through picking the right stocks and investing in the right cryptocurrencies.

Mr. Patalon has a bit of history under his belt as well. He is no novice to the journalism industry – spending over 20 years of his life working in it. He is an active writer on investment advice websites, so I would assume that he knows what he is talking about.

I mentioned the company that produced this webinar, Money Map Press, earlier. What exactly is this company? Basically, they offer a paid subscription to receive various investment advice newsletters, such as the aforementioned Nova-X Report. You receive a new edition of the newsletter each month. They have other newsletters too, but for the purpose of this review, we are only going to look at Nova-X Report because it was the only one being pushed in the webinar.

What You Need to Know About Nova-X Report

Cryptocurrency Millionaire Summit was a terribly misleading name for this webinar. It was not a summit by any stretch of the imagination. It was two guys giving some basic information about cryptocurrency and then telling you go subscribe to a newsletter and get some eBooks. But of course, naming it something like “Hey, go subscribe to Nova-X Report for 100 bucks!” would not gain much traction. Anyways, I could forget all of this if their newsletter was actually good.

Unfortunately, it is not. It is the typical hot garbage that you see webinars push all the time. You get sent to a fancy sales page that points out the benefits of what is found in the newsletters in big huge letters. And then of course you have the cherry-picked (and probably faked) “testimonials” from people who have claimed that the newsletters have helped them hit the big time.

Of course, when you look at real testimonials written on independent sites, you will find the exact opposite. The real testimonials, while there are not very many, share the same sentiments. People say that Mr. Patalon and Mr. Robinson are excellent marketers but do not deliver quality content that befits what they have marketed. Typical salesmen. It seems like all of the newsletters circulated by Money Map Press get reviews like this. It is so interesting to contrast their advertised testimonials with real ones posted on independent websites. It really helps you smell bullshit from a mile away.

Cryptocurrency Millionaire Summit Products

If you are somehow enticed by the webinar and want to spend money on their products, there are some things you should know. First of all, there is a “trial” period of one month that you get to read all of the eBooks and you get one edition of Nova-X Report. Much like most trial periods, you would have to manually cancel the trial before it ends or else you will be automatically charged. And it is not a free trial, either. It will cost you five bucks to start the trial and if you do not cancel in time, you will be charged the 100 dollars for the full year subscription to the newsletter.

The eBooks that you are sent via e-Mail might be enticing to some people, as they range in subjects from marijuana stocks to biotech stocks, as well as offering some history behind cryptocurrency and some “secrets” to investing in cryptocurrency. Based on the reviews of Nova-X Report and other Money Map Press products, I would wager that you would be able to find most of the information in these books for free online somewhere.

I should point out that the company may try to scam you. Before you start the sirens and cry scam though, I said might. I took a look at the small text on their sales page and found that on top of the 5 dollar initial charge and 99 dollar charge after a month, they may charge you another 100 dollars. I have not seen anyone call out the product or company for this, so it might just be a misinterpretation or poor wording on their part, but stay wary. This product is not worth 100 dollars a year, let alone 200 dollars a year!

Cryptocurrency Millionaire Summit Verdict

Earlier I posed a few questions about this webinar and the product it was pushing. Now it is time for me to answer them.

What is this webinar all about?

It is about making money by investing in various cryptocurrencies. It gives you a basic rundown on cryptocurrency and why this is the best time to invest. It then urges you to purchase a yearly subscription to a monthly newsletter penned by one of the presenters of the webinar.

What product is it trying to push?

Nova-X Report, a newsletter authored by Michael Robinson, an alleged Pulitzer Prize nominee. It claims to give secret tips and tricks for investing in cryptocurrency and what fields are best to invest in. It has very poor reviews online.

Should you waste your time and money on it?

No and no. The webinar is an almost hour-long pitchfest and does not provide much useful information at all. You could spend five minutes reading an article about the history of cryptocurrency and get more information than you got in the webinar. Its main purpose was to get you to click the Buy button that they conveniently placed under the video. Once there, you are prompted to spend five bucks to get a few eBooks and a “trial” of their Nova-X Report newsletter. Once you pay the five bucks, you are locked into a yearly charge of 99 dollars (potentially 200) if you do not cancel before the month trial is up.

The bottom line is: This webinar is a waste of time and the Nova-X Report newsletter is a waste of money. Stay away.

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