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When it comes to making money online, there is no better way to do so than by investing in a product or service. Many people these days tend to fall into the category of investing in stocks and bonds. While the remainder of investors look outside the box and try to figure out what will be the next big thing.

There is a site called Crypto Fundz. This site has one goal, and one goal only. To provide its members with the highest return on investment that it can. The site allows members to purchase different plans depending on their long-term financial goals. Then, each member is able to cash out on the rewards of investing their money in this new company.

Crypto Fundz is one of those businesses that has sprung up in the last few months and is fairly new. That begin the case, it is possible to make the most on your investment. For as the saying goes you want to strike while the iron is hot.

But does Crypto Fundz live up to its promises of providing the best return on your investment? Are they really all they are cracked up to be? According to the site, it has been up and running for 15 days now and has a total investment of $12,051 from 513 members. But just who runs the show? Who created Crypto Fundz?

What Is CryptoFundz?

According to, was registered on May 17, 2017. The owner of the site is listed as Ann Coleman from North Carolina. However, when you look into who Ms. Coleman is, you won't find any information on her.

In fact, when you dig into social media outlets, the only person that is linked to Crypto Fundz is Atif Sohail. Mr. Sohail is listed as the administrator on Facebook alongside Ms. Coleman. Yet, only Mr. Sohail seems to be posting anything relevant on Facebook.

When you look into Mr. Sohail, you will find that he is located out of Dubai and has had his hand in several online programs and systems over the years. He has been involved with sites like MMM India, The Ads Team, Coin Leaders, and a few others.

While there is no evidence that Ms. Coleman is an actual person, the signs do point to Mr. Sohail being the actual owner of the site. When it comes to Mr. Sohail's experience in investing, you won't really find anything.

Sure, he has experience in other companies, but none of them are reputable sites that could be seen as references to his expertise on running Crypto Fundz.

CryptoFundz Products

Crypto Fundz doesn't offer any retail products. You also won't find any services that are provided by Crypto Fundz. All you have is a site that is set up to take investments. With that said, all a member can really do is recruit other people to the site and the compensation plan that is available.

CryptoFundz Opportunity

The site is set up for investors to earn different returns on their investments depending on which plan they pick. According to the site, there are four different plans an investor can choose from.

The first plan is for an investor to pay a minimum of $10 up to $99. Once the money is in play, the site states that the plan will earn the investor 5% daily for 30 days.

The second plan is to invest $100 up to $500. The site promises a return of 4.86% daily for 35 days. The third plan is for you to invest $501 to $10,000 to earn 5% daily return on your investment for 40 days. The last plan is for you to invest $500 to $250,000 to receive a daily 3.5% on your investment for 30 days.

On top of the investment opportunity, affiliates can also earn by recruiting other members. There are two levels that you can build your downline and earn. The first level allows you to earn 15% of your recruits investment.

Of course, the first level is the people you have personally told about Crypto Fundz and had them sign up directly under you. The second level allows you to earn 5% from your downline.

CryptoFundz Verdict

Crypto Fundz is a new site that is setting the bar pretty high when it comes to earning returns on any investment. While it is possible that you can earn a lot from this site, you will also have to put a lot into it.

Due to the fact that the ownership of the site is still unconfirmed, it would be wise for you to do your homework before investing. Make sure you know exactly where your funds are going. It is possible that the site only exists for as long as recruitment continues.

The whole business structure of the site is linked to its recruitment. So, if affiliates fail to bring in more affiliates the site could go under.

The best thing for you to do is steer clear of the site until it has been around longer than a few weeks. Because the site is so new, there could be a lot of hiccups that still needs to be handled. It is always possible to come back later and see the members doubled or even the amount paid out to have doubled or tripled.

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