Have you ever joined a matrix system that promised you the world and never delivered? Or maybe you have never joined a matrix before in your life and have always wondered if they work.

Well, Cycled Funds is a matrix system that allows you to earn 0.3% to 2% daily for an entire year in a 3×4 matrix system. Not only will you have the opportunity to earn money with referral commissions, but also through the matrix.

Plus, if you have a product or service you want to promote, Cycled Funds will offer you ad credits so your product can be seen.

What Is CycledFunds?

There is no information on when the site was registered. According to, the site is set to expire April 1, 2018. You will also find that the registered owner of the site is Harold Nwabiani located in Lagos, Africa. The site provides phone numbers, email address and social media links for contacting them. However, no names are given or used.

CycledFunds Product

Cycled Funds doesn't offer any retail products or services. All an affiliate can do is promote the membership which has the ‘mailing' plan included. The ‘mailing' plan is a monthly newsletter sent out to all the members of Cycled Funds where you can place a snippet of your product or service for other members to see.

CycledFunds Opportunity

Cycled Funds has two ways for you to earn money. The first way is through the matrix system. With each level you move through you earn more money from your downline. And with four levels deep you are looking at earning a grand total of $152,199 or 115 BTC.

The second way for you to earn is by recruiting. For every person you get to sign up, you can earn $3-$5 depending on which level they start off in.

In order to start Cycled Funds, you have to donate $5 to your sponsor. From there you are placed at the top of your matrix and need to find three people to sign up under you. In turn, they donate $5 to you. If you want to continue in the system you need to donate $12 to upgrade your account. Once you upgrade you are placed on the second level.

Once you are in the second level you need to find 9 people to sign up. They donate $12 to you and you have to decide to upgrade to level 3 at $87. The higher your level the more you have to pay to upgrade your account. But once you do, you will be in a higher paying bracket and can start earning serious money from your downline.

CycledFunds Verdict

There are tons of different matrix systems you can find online. Cycled Funds is no different than any of the others except for the newsletter that goes out with all the ads people put in them to promote their products. Other sites use ad credits to have banners and text ads on their site.

If you are wondering if you can earn money from this matrix, it is possible. However, the only way to do so is if you have a downline already in place and people willing to sign up. If you don't and you have to go out looking for recruits you are going to have a hard time making anything.

One of the things that make it worthwhile is the initial start up cost of only $5. So if you are curious if you can make money with Cycled Funds, starting with just $5 isn't that bad. Just don't get so caught up in it where you lose all that you earn by upgrading.

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