CyclerCash is an MLM recruitment scheme that provides a three-tier system for recruitment commissions.

What Is CyclerCash?

There's no discernible information as to who runs CyclerCash. The only possible clue is in the website registration, which points to an office address in southern Germany. However, the registrant as listed is simply “CyclerCash,” the name of the company.

The Product

There's no product that CyclerCash offers for sale. Signing up for a membership provides free access to a library of eBooks, or at least it appears that way.

It can be difficult to discern, based on the tortured language used by the website, as it is obvious the site's copy has been written by a non-native English speaker.

The Opportunity

The only opportunity presented by CyclerCash is a commission-based MLM recruitment scheme. Members purchase a top spot in a particular matrix – $10 for a 4×2, $25 for a 4×3, and $50 for a 4×4 – and then receive commissions whenever the matrix levels below them fill up.

In essence, anyone investing in one of these matrix positions is promised a set return on investment (ROI) once these matrices fill out. A 4×2 investment nets a $60 ROI, a 4×3 earns a $350 ROI, and a 4×4 provides an ROI of $600.

Individuals receive their payouts in a CyclerCash account that can then be debited into online payment processors after a period of 48 hours. CyclerCash supports Payza and PerfectMoney as its payment partners.


CyclerCash is a fairly standard MLM matrix recruitment cycler scheme.

There's no way to know who in the world is actually behind this, but it's almost certain that whoever is running CyclerCash is likely at the top spots of the chain, conveniently placed there in pre-loaded positions, in order to ensure that they receive the bulk of the income from anyone who comes in under them.

This is typical behavior when it comes to MLM cycler schemes. So too is not providing any particulars about who owns the company and where they can be found in the physical world.

This is, of course, is to protect the site owners from any repercussions once the entire system goes south when recruitment peters out.

Honestly, it seems completely bizarre that anyone would consider becoming involved with CyclerCash in order to reap the rewards of this MLM recruitment scheme.

There's nothing you actually get in return for membership besides the ability to earn commissions on an otherwise worthless program.

Sure, you're given access to a “free library” of eBooks, but there's no indications of their value – especially since the written English on the CyclerCash site is broken and poorly translated, the obvious work of a non-native English speaker.

If anything this reinforces the idea that the site is being run outside of the English-speaking world, but that's about it.

The truth of CyclerCash is that, like all other recruitment schemes where the only thing worth selling is affiliate memberships, the entire project is doomed to failure.

Once recruitment dries up, commission-based income will disappear, and the promise of that massive ROI – especially from the 4×3 and 4×4 matrices – will disappear overnight.

The only people who will benefit are those that invest early and recruit aggressively, despite knowing that doing so will actually hasten the demise of CyclerCash.

You can participate in this process if you like, of course.

Just realize that you're literally taking money from individuals below you in your downline and not providing them with anything for this besides getting them involved in a program that is most obviously a scam – and not even a very good one.

Also realize that your direct sponsor is doing the same to you, and so on up the line, to whoever is at the top of the pyramid behind the curtain of CyclerCash. The only ones getting the best benefit from the entire scheme will be them – everyone else will be just differing degrees of duped.


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