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Looking for a way to boost your traffic and get paid? Daily Net Traffic is a site that allows you to promote your website or products while generating cash from your downline.

The site is split into two different groups that manage to work hand in hand with one another. The first group is all about promoting your products, services, or website through advertising on the site.

The second group is about earning money by recruiting more affiliates into the system.

What Is Daily Net Traffic?

According to Who.is, the site DailyNetTraffic.com was registered on July 4, 2015, to Mr. John Kielec from Canada. When looking further into MR. Keilec's background you will find that he has been around the block a time or two.

His online presence started back in 2008. His major company that he created is F5M Millionaires Club where he has spawned several other online opportunities from this one business.

Daily Net Traffic Product

Daily Net Traffic doesn't offer any real products. They do offer an advertising service that is tied in with the opportunity. When you sign up for the advertising credits, you are automatically enrolled in the opportunity to earn money by recruiting.

There are six advertising packages that you can choose from. The least expensive starts off at $2 for 2,000 advertising credits. The most expensive pack is for Traffic Pack #6 which runs $600 for 200,000 advertising credits.

Daily Net Traffic Opportunity

The second part of Daily Net Traffic deals with promoting the system and the membership. When you sign up for any of the traffic packs you have the opportunity to earn money by recruiting others.

When you pay the $2 for “Traffic Pack #1” you have to seek out two other affiliates who will then pay you directly $2 each earning you $4.

The system then continues down seven levels deep where each affiliate recruits two people to donate money to their sponsor in their upline. The idea is by the time you reach level seven you can earn $12,800 and have a downline of 64 affiliates.

According to the site, there is a second opportunity once you reach level three. This opportunity unlocks “Your Gate Way to 2,000,000 solo advertising” where you can possibly earn up to $640,000.

Daily Net Traffic Verdict

There are a lot of red flags that come up when looking at this site. The first major red flag is the system itself. When it boils down to how Daily Net Traffic works, it is basically a gifting system.

Sure, you get ad credits to promote your business or product but the only way you are going to get any money is by recruiting.

When a system is set up with affiliates recruiting to bring in the money, there will come a time when the well runs dry. It is possible that once the money stops flowing, the site will crash. That is just how these kinds of sites work.

The second major red flag is how the site uses paid traffic. Any site that has to pay for people to visit only goes to show that no matter how great your site or product is, no one will see it.

You need a site that has organic traffic constantly flowing to it. That way you know your target audience may be interested in what you are offering.

When a site has to pay for traffic, most the traffic doesn't pay any attention to what is being shown or promoted. They pass right on by without a second thought. In the long run, this means that you have just paid for traffic that will do you no good.

Now, if you are interested in signing up, the best way to go about it is to have a downline already in place. That way you have the best opportunity to make money without being left behind. Start off small and go from there.

Even if you do have 64 people ready to be signed up under you, you need to make sure the site pays out.

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