dark post engine

Dark Post Engine

Dark Post Engine is a cloud-based software that lets you spy on competitors, as well as, learning how to better your ad content.

What Is Dark Post Engine?

Jimmy Kim and Fred Lam are responsible for designing and founding Dark Post Engine. Kim and Lam released the software in early July of 2016. The software may be pretty new but Jimmy Kim has over 6 years of online marketing experience. He also designed and launched Leads Tunnel, Build My List 2.0, along with several other digital product and software.

Fred Lam is the founder of iPro Academy. The software that teaches you how to generate more traffic while boosting your business. Lam has a wealth of experience with internet marketing. Both the iPro Academy and Dark Post Engine are new products on the market.

The Product

Dark Post Engine costs roughly $50, comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a free bonus gift of your choice. The product is web and cloud based so there is no need to install or download anything.

Top Post Engine is designed to help users create better and more effective ad content. Creating an ad that is directed towards your target audience is more effective when you know the audience. Top Post does all of the work for you, eliminating any guessing when it comes to you ad content.

The software will scan the target Facebook Page and collects all of the posts from the page relating to your ad and places them in order fo the most engaging to the least. You can look back 30, 60, 90 and even 180 days worth of postings.

When you order Dark Post Engine you automatically receive one free bonus gift of your choice, as well as, hundreds of One Time Offers of relatively low prices. Some of the bonuses consist of:

  1. Dark Post Engine Mastery Training Software
  2. Share and Redirect Software
  3. Facebook Mastery
  4. Online Trafficking Books and Software

Along with many other offers on free learning materials that pertain to online marketing through social media.

The Opportunity

Dark Post Engine & Top Post Engine will help you create and generate better ad content. It is through the lead generation that you will draw in profits. The software comes with complete training and How-to information. You can also lower your overall ad costs because making the right ads requires fewer ads that have to be distributed.

The $50 investment only has to be made one time. There are no downloads or installs necessary, which saves you time and any hassle. Not only will you be able to generate better content, you will also get to legally spy on all of your competition and see what is working best for them. According to Kim and Lam, it is not about the quantity of the ads rather the quality. They believe that knowing your audience allows you to make more compelling ads. Having compelling ads will draw more customers and clients to your business.

The Verdict

Dark Post Engine is not the only software of its kind. It is however so very new to the market. There is not a lot of information about the actual company due to the fact that it is new. With that said there is no way to know whether the company or its product is going to make or break. The software has only been on the market for 5 days.

The product and the company affiliates sound like something worth investing in. The purchase price is reasonably low, being only $50, but on the website, it is stated that the price is temporary because it is new and that there will eventually be a monthly charge of almost $100, which seems sketchy.

Jimmy Kim has almost 10 years of online marketing experience where it is not stated how long Fred Lam has been in the business. The only product found launched by Lam is the iPro Academy. With all of the current competition in the market right now there is a very big possibility that Dark Post Engine will fail, but if the users like it then it just might fly. Right now only testing and time will tell.

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