david mcgraws limitless

David McGraw's Limitless (Limitless) is a life coaching service, provided by the eponymous McGraw, that purportedly provides instruction on transforming your life in positive ways.

What Is David McGraw's Limitless?

David McGraw is a self-described expert in meditative techniques such as visualization, actualization, and affirmation that at one time allegedly taught meditation classes at the University of Toronto in Canada.

The street address McGraw lists on his website is in Toronto, with Google Maps indicating an external post office box in a commercial strip mall. None of the storefronts within the strip mall seem to be associated with McGraw.

The official name of McGraw's business is David McGraw 2209453 Ontario Inc. The site itself is registered anonymously, though likely through this business. The website was first registered in 2012.

Prior to this, McGraw did business through a different website before transferring to a new domain name. The original site is still accessible, with a notice and a link that the new site is now active.

This original site was registered in 2009 personally by McGraw and provides another address, a semi-detached home in a residential suburb. Judging by the car parked in the driveway, someone in the McGraw household drives a minivan.

The Product

McGraw offers a subscription-based membership that provides regular one-on-one coaching, teaching his meditation techniques to interested parties.

The membership is currently on offer for a seven-day trial at a cost of just $1. Subsequent monthly membership subscriptions are a recurring $19.

The Opportunity

The only opportunity presented by McGraw's website is in enrolling in his meditation program. There does not seem to be any discernible affiliate marketing opportunity to be had, based on the information presented.


With no affiliate program to review, it falls to us to provide a review of McGraw's core product and service: his meditation techniques.

This presents a legitimate problem, as a topic as subjective as whether meditation and related techniques can lead to self-actualization is extremely difficult to quantify.

Nevertheless, it can be said that meditation either works for you, or it doesn't. If you feel that you would benefit from such one-on-one meditative coaching, either to reduce stress or provide you with guidance in the direction your life is going, you are welcome to experience McGraw's program.

The membership fee seems manageable enough and there are no indications of any expensive upsells – at least not without enrolling in the service, to begin with.

Additionally, thanks to ClickBank handling all the payment processing for the site, this provides customers with an ironclad 60-day money back guarantee.

There are of course a few warnings, one of which is actually from McGraw himself.

In the Terms and Conditions section of the site, McGraw warns that anyone who has had a diagnosis of mental illness in the past or has a current diagnosis should disclose this information during life coaching sessions in order to determine if his meditation techniques are going to be compatible.

McGraw also states that individuals undergoing therapy for mental illness should receive express permission from their therapist or medical doctor before joining McGraw's membership plan.

This is obviously legal jargon designed to protect McGraw in the event that a customer suffering from mental illness harms either himself or others as a result of any of McGraw's techniques.

However, it also indicates that McGraw himself feels that his program is no substitute for medical science when it comes to mental illness and that the scope of his program is more suited to otherwise mentally and emotionally healthy individuals.

In the end, if you can jump through McGraw's legal hoops and feel that you may gain something from his program, feel free to invest your cash for a month or two. The low cost of entry, and knowing you have 60 days to get out without any loss, means your risk factors are low.

Who knows; McGraw's meditation techniques might be just what you need to supercharge your own personal and business life.

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