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David Sharpe's Simple Sign-Up System – or simply “SSS” for short – is a comprehensive training course designed to reveal the secrets of building online marketing businesses. Created by a veteran in the MLM and affiliate marketing industry, the training is designed to be applicable to as many different internet marketing niches as possible, making it a universal product.

What Is David Sharpe Simple Sign-Up System?

SSS is a creation of David Sharpe, a network marketer that has a reputation for being a high-income earner.

Sharpe rose to fame with the MLM juggernaut Empower Network, at one time owning 40% of the company until late 2015/early 2016, when he left the company for health reasons and requested a buyout.

This created a schism between Sharpe and his fans/adherents and those he left behind at Empower Network. As a result, Sharpe is a polarizing figure within the MLM industry, as people either love him or hate him.

David Sharpe Simple Sign-Up System Product

The actual product behind SSS is rather murky. It's clearly stated that it's a series of training materials, but the content of these materials, and the form they come in, is never explained in much detail.

Indeed, the entire SSS site is long on fluff and short on actual information, relying on feel-good marketing copy that's common when it comes to MLM or affiliate network marketers.

As best as we can tell, there are five different “modules” in the SSS training system. These are:

  • Module #1: The $15,000,000 Case Study – Sharpe's personal story
  • Module #2: How To Create An Automated Follow-Up Machine
  • Module #3: How To Use Simple Little Videos To Prospect For You 24/7
  • Module #4: How to Enroll People Without Being Pushy or Awkward
  • Module #5: How To Never Run Out Of Leads Again

In addition to these four modules, there are several pieces of “bonus” content that are included as well. These are:

  • 20 Email Templates
  • A High Converting Video Script
  • A Powerful Enrolling Script
  • Free Coaching Calls with a SSS Trainer

According to Sharpe, this entire package is valued at $197. However, he is instead providing access to SSS for free, charging only a “digital processing fee” of $3.95. Sharpe claims that SSS will one day soon be priced at $197 in an effort to create a sense of urgency in the buyer.

SSS is covered by a 100% “love it or keep it anyway” guarantee. Sharpe claims to gladly refund your purchase price if dissatisfied with the product without having to return it.

David Sharpe Simple Sign-Up System Opportunity

The opportunity presented by SSS is to learn at the feet of a highly successful network marketer and become familiar with the strategies and tactics he used, supposedly, to become a multimillionaire.

Whether this opportunity is a legitimate one or not is hard to determine. Other than that, however, there are no affiliate, promotional, or resale opportunities with SSS.

David Sharpe Simple Sign-Up System Verdict

We're of two minds with SSS. On the one hand, we're immediately suspect because of the lack of any real detail on the content of these “modules” and we have issues with Sharpe's reputation. On the other hand, it's hard to argue with a free – or virtually free – product.

The idea that there's a “digital processing fee” for a product that is simply downloaded over the internet is rather laughable. Are you paying for warehouse workers to bubble-wrap electrons before sending them through the internet? Still, it's certainly a small price to pay in order to gain access to the marketing strategies of David Sharpe. What matters, then, is if you value those marketing strategies.

As we mentioned above, Sharpe's departure from Empower Network burned several bridges, and for every handful of Sharpe supporters, there's another half-dozen that hate his guts. Still, network marketing isn't the kind of niche industry you get into if you don't have a thick skin, but it's beyond the scope of this review to decide for you if Sharpe is an innocent victim in the Empower Network split or if something more nefarious was going on.

Independent of that, we're also unsure if the “free” product remains free. While Sharpe may claim that he's practically giving away SSS out of the goodness of his own heart, he didn't soft-sell his way to being a multi-millionaire. We wouldn't be surprised if SSS isn't designed to be a funnel system that leads naive or credulous network marketers right into the sales pitches of any number of Sharpe's other money-making opportunities.

In the end, it's up to you if you want to spend the $3.99 on SSS. Just look out for hidden additional costs if you do.

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